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"They've got both Mr Gaunt and little Percy; and, would you believe it, sir? the devils have actually been ill-treating the poor little fellow, just for the sake, seemingly, of tormenting his father." Henderson groaned aloud in sheer bitterness of spirit at hearing this. "It's awful, isn't it, sir?" continued Manners, grinding his teeth with rage.

From this point the outer arm of the cantilever extended far out over the broad chasm of the strait, where, a hundred and fifty feet beneath its unfloored level, the broken ice from the upper lake crashed and thundered on its wild passage of the strait. Blake looked down carelessly into the abyss of grinding, hurtling ice cakes.

Ere he quite recovered she had him turned on his face, and her weighty knee grinding down his shoulders, while her nimble hands whipped off her kerchief and tied his hands behind him in a twinkling.

"Did it 'it you in the 'ead, sir?" he asked, panting. "Exactly," replied the young man, grinding his teeth. Sparks 'oped as 'ow it didn't 'urt the gentleman. The gentleman stanched his wound in terrible silence. Presently Ferdinand came back to report upon the availability of the family plumber.

But until that day one could fancy the romanticists and realists lambasting each other in the papers, the soldiers grinding away in their dusty camps, the pretty ladies rolling gayly down the sprinkled asphalt, and the chanteuse singing over the footlights: "Que pense le Premier Ministre? On n'sait pas " "Is he for the Germans? Has he made a convention With perfidious Albion? Nobody knows..."

Parvis emitted the statement as unemotionally as a gramophone grinding out its "record." "You mean that he tried to kill himself, and failed? And tried again?" "Oh, he didn't have to try again," said Parvis, grimly. They sat opposite each other in silence, he swinging his eye-glass thoughtfully about his finger, she, motionless, her arms stretched along her knees in an attitude of rigid tension.

The boy wasted no minutes, for he had none to spare, but even when he did not step inside a door at all, he always had a smile or a bright word ready for each customer, and in lives where sin or grinding poverty has destroyed all hope, and life has become simply dull, dogged endurance of suffering, a cheerful word or smile has a wonderful power.

It was not until the barque had been dragged, almost bows under, some fifty or sixty fathoms away from the still grinding and rasping bergs, that her crew were able to realise the astounding fact of their safety, but when they did so they sent up a wild cheer which was as distinct an expression of gratitude to God for their deliverance as ever issued from human lips.

They were often even encouraged in their attacks and depredations by the English of the Pale and out of it, who, unwilling longer to submit to the grinding feudal laws and exactions, could prevent the English judges, sheriffs, escheators, and other king's officers from executing the law against them, and thus they held out in their mountains, bogs, and rocky crags, in the midst of the invaders of their soil.

Now the Star that he had loved was at the bottom of the sea; his men, a handful beside the Cygnet's force, must give obedience to her officers; and he himself, what was he more than a volunteer aboard his enemy's ship? Captain Robert Baldry, grinding his teeth, found the situation intolerable. Sir Mortimer Ferne, biting his lip in a sudden revulsion of feeling, was of much the same opinion.