Handcuffs were put upon him, and amid a profound silence he was led forth and lifted into a cart. The two sheriffs took their places upon each side of him, and the cortège moved off.

Brownlow and Oliver appeared at the wicket, and presented an order of admission to the prisoner, signed by one of the sheriffs. They were immediately admitted into the lodge. 'Is the young gentleman to come too, sir? said the man whose duty it was to conduct them. 'It's not a sight for children, sir. 'It is not indeed, my friend, rejoined Mr.

Two sheriffs hovered about in the space left in front of the desk for the station of witnesses. Facing the judges and against the wall above the entrance, there is always a shabby gallery reserved for officials and for women, to which admittance is granted only by the president of the court, to whom the proper management of the courtroom belongs.

Now we got this sheriff feller comin' around with his dep'ties chasin' glory after a crook. He'll get his nose into everybody. An' sheriffs' noses is quick at gettin' a nasty smell. I ain't sayin' a thing about any citizen in this place but I don't guess any of us has store halos about us, an' halos is the only things'll keep any feller safe when sheriffs get around."

Reporting his predicament to the sheriff would mean sowing news of the Sunkhaze situation broadcast in the papers. "It isn't a matter for the sheriffs," he replied shortly. "We'll consider that the men are hired to transport material and not to fight. We can only wait and see what will happen.

Spanish art is represented by a fine but unpleasing Ribera, 1725, Boy with a Club-foot, and to Velasquez are ascribed: 1735, The Infanta Maria Teresa, Queen of Louis XIV.; 1736, Unknown Portrait; 1733, L. of entrance, Philip IV. 1945 and 1946, R. wall, the Provost and Sheriffs, and Jean de Mesme, President of the Parlement of Paris, are excellent examples of Philippe de Champaigne's austere and honest art.

The sheriffs also are sheriffs of the county of Middlesex as well as of London.

How silly to suppose that the illegality of these commissions to try criminal eases, could have been avoided by simply granting them to persons under the title of "justices," instead of granting them to "sheriffs."

And now, for the first time in that generation, Catholic mayors and sheriffs, escorted by Catholic troops as guards of honour, were seen marching in open day to their own places of worship, to the dismay and astonishment of the ascendancy party.

Such legally ordained robbery can be upheld only by armies, navies, militia, sheriffs and deputies, police and detectives, private gunmen, and illegal mobs formed of, or created by, the propertied classes.