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He is tall and slender, with frequently a fine black beard; his head is covered with the usual white turban, set off with a touch of red. His gray spiral puttees generally do not quite reach the bottom of his khaki trousers, thus leaving his knees bare. Hanging from his belt is his club, similar to those carried by American policemen, and jangling in one hand is usually a pair of steel handcuffs.

Every vestige of colour had left Paul's face as he realised what his danger had been the night before. That must have been the convict he had heard. He longed to tell the farmer how close the danger was, that he might take extra precautions to guard the house. "Do they haven't they got on handcuffs, and and chains on their ankles?" he asked.

"Never mind it, my friend; it is all in due form, no doubt. You brought handcuffs, I suppose?" And the man was already fumbling in his left pocket for them. Ray went on in the same quiet tone, "You won't need them, so keep them in your pocket. I am glad to go with you now if you are ready."

"They've locked Anders up," she sobbed. "He got wild, so they put handcuffs on him and locked him up." She went back with Pelle. Lasse was with Karl Johan and Fair Maria; he looked defiantly at Pelle, and in his half-closed eyes there was a little mutinous gleam. "Then now there's only Mons and Lively Sara," said Karl Johan, as he ran his eye over them. "But what about Anders?" sobbed Bengta.

"I am going where I must go," cried the girl in great agitation. "Let me go, at once!" "You will stay here here with me," snarled Publius, and taking both her hands by the wrists he clasped them with his iron fingers as with handcuffs. "I am the man and you are the woman, and I will teach you who is to give orders here and who is to obey."

And no wonder, at least for the fear; for on one occasion, when chained hand and foot, he was insulted on shipboard by an officer; with his teeth he twisted off the nail that went through the mortise of his handcuffs, and so, having his arms at liberty, challenged his insulter to combat.

The police-office displayed many handcuffs, tools of captured criminals, relics, clothing with bullet holes, ropes used for hanging, bowie-knives, burglar's tools, brass knuckles, and all the other curiosities peculiar to criminal activities. The third story of the building had become the armorer's shop, and the hospital.

"Donner-wetter!" yelled the wachtmeister, "the diamonds! Here is the thief!" And instantly he seized Dick in a formidable grip. Curses and execrations burst from the other men, who, wildly excited, crowded round Dick and the diamonds threatening and exulting. "Thief! Scoundrel! Rascally mule-driver! Schwein-hund!" they cried. "The handcuffs, Brietmann!

"I had an idea that war had been declared, so I brought my troop this way." The man made a movement as though about to run away, when Vance said: "Don't move, my friend, or you will be dropped." The detective advanced toward the fellow, who saw at once that resistance was in vain. The man was disarmed and a pair of handcuffs were slipped on his wrists. "The jig's up," muttered the smuggler.

The defence of the baggage car was over, and the defenders, disabled and disarmed, were submitting to the handcuffs or to the bits of rope which were used in securing them, when there came a sound of cheering, which made their captors leave them hastily and clamber from the car. The relief had come. It came on the run, with Mallory at the head.

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