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It is just a bottle of lavender water, but I thought she might like it." Uncle Billy bowed so low that his beard almost touched the ground. "Thank you, thank you, missy! I been a sayin' that you air the onlies' one in the whole county what kin hol a can'le to what my Miss Ann wa' in ol' days an' air now fer that matter." A Surprise for Cinderella

But as I was sayin', next " "Oh, I know what you are driving at, Bill. Next the steersman got down with the mumps, then you took the shingles, and another sailor got lumbago, while the third mate had to crawl around with a boil on his foot as large as a cabbage.

I declare ye're afther givin' me such a fright, I don't know whether I am on me head or on me heels. Was he goin' to murther ye for that?" "He was at first," replied the girl, "and then he began sayin' Oh dear, oh dear, me heart's broke!" She was sobbing now violently. "Sure, what matther what he says?" cried Mike, much concerned.

Women can't reason much, you know; but they have intuition." She smiled a little at this conceit. "And I want to know if my deductions and my conclusions are correct." "Well, ma'am," he said, "ez I wuz sayin', no human eye wuz to have read this here.

But ye don't know how the nursemaid went near daft with the fear, and wasted good days a searchin' an' searchin' on her own account; the Bonnicastles' friend-lady over in Brooklyn not expecting no such visit an' not knowin' aught; 'cause the maid carried the note sayin' so in her own pocket. All them rich folks bein' so intimate-like, preparin' 'em wasn't needful.

"Excuse me, ma'am," he said slowly, mechanically swallowing up the proffered hand in his own mammoth fist, "but I don't know's I jest caught the name. Would you mind sayin' it ag'in?" "Elizabeth Preston," repeated the visitor. "Captain Baxter's granddaughter. You wrote me that he was ill, you know, and I " "What!" roared the Captain, delighted amazement lighting up his face like a sunrise.

"Not everybody," Ma Snow's voice had an ominous quaver, "or you'd a learned long ago that you can't knock that young man in my hearin'. I haven't forgot if you have, that the only real money that's been in the camp all Summer has come up from the river." "We wasn't sayin' anything against him personal," the brash Samuel assured her hastily; but Bruce's champion refused to be mollified.

"Ay, I'm no sayin' ye may no be richt, sir," answered the first lieutenant; "but it'll be an unco strain upon the spars to set thae to'gallants'ls; our new rigging has stretched until it's all hangin' in bights, as ye may see for yoursel' by lookin' at it. Still, it may be worth the tryin': but will ye no see what we can do under whole topsails before settin' the to'gallants'ls?"

Well, as I was sayin', John Rudyerd the runaway boy became Mister Rudyerd the silk-mercer on Ludgate Hill, London, and now he's goin' to build a noo light'ouse on the Eddystun." "He'd do better to mind his shop," said Mrs Potter. "He must be a strange man," observed Tommy, "to be both a silk-mercer and an engineer."

Where he had left him was a mystery that " Buz-z-z-z! goes the front doorbell, right in the middle of Mr. Ballard's story, and in comes Lizzie sayin' it's someone to see me. For a second I couldn't think who'd be huntin' me up here at this time of the evenin'. And then I remembered, Dorsett. "It it's an uncle of mine," says I to Zenobia, "a reg'lar uncle."

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