Many a time the traveller has observed thim flyin' away wid a foal in their jaws, the rapparees! F' all that I do be remarkin' that whin one of the effete European variety is afther ticklin' you in the short hairs you step very free an' flippant, Johnny acushla. A brown horse. Say, Monty, old top, any news? You've got a pal at G.H.Q., haven't you? Monty. Oh, yes, my young brother.

They have desthroyed me with all the things they're afther tellin' me to do." "We won't tell you a thing, Murty except that he's looking splendid," Norah said, stroking Shannon's nose, to which the horse responded by nuzzling round her pocket in search of an apple. "No, I can't give you one, old man I wouldn't dare. But you shall have one after the race, whether you win or not, can't he, Murty?"

To make a long story short, she got off from him, turned up towards the; cabin we're sittin' in, Koolawn, game as ever, still close to her; at last she got in, and as the dog was about to spring in afther her, he found the door shut in his face.

The men sprang quickly to their feet, making no sound, and listening intently. They heard the lock click in the door, and Jack's voice bidding Rex take care of the house, to which he barked in reply; and then came Mike's broad voice: "The saints presarve us! but the baste knows more than mony a mon, I'm afther thinkin'." "That he does," replied Jack, "and he is far more faithful."

"I hope, Frank, you don't imagine that there's any danger of drink?" "Who, me why should I, afther what passed? Didn't you give me your word, and isn't your name Maguire? Not I."

When Mr. Casey came to New York he was surprised at the change. He'd say to Mrs. Hollister: "Faith, ma'am, it's a perfect lady you're afther makin' of my girl. Her mother would bless you were she here," and Mrs. Hollister would reply: "She is naturally a perfect lady, Mr. Casey, so it's not hard work.

That he could never hope to become immune he had learned at last when he had returned, physically wholesome, from his long course of training under the famous Irish specialist on the Hudson. He had expected to be immune, spite of the blunt and forcible language of Mulqueen when he turned him out into the world again: "Ye'll be afther notin'," said Mr.

To the Irishman the shark probably appeared much larger than it really was. "He won't do us any harm; but just keep the oars out of the water," said Tom, who was, of course, obeyed, and the shark glided alongside the boat, which he kept eyeing with suspicious glances. "Would you be afther wishing to have one of us?" asked Desmond.

"Here," said Toal, clapping down his pound. "Jack Mooney, put these in your pocket till this matther's decided. Now, Jerry, let us hear it." "I will; he won't drink two tumblers of punch, runnin'; that is, one afther the other." "No," observed Art, "I will not; do you want me to break the pledge?" "Sure," said Jerry, "this is not breaking the pledge it's only for a wager."

There's lots of them schamers about now, says I. 'That's thrue for you, says he, 'and they're not far to look for, and that was thrue, too, my lord, for he and I were both schaming about poor Anty's money at that moment. 'Well, says he, afther walking on a little, quite quiet, 'av' you war to marry her. 'Oh, I've made up my mind about that, Mr.