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"'No fire can be lit in the hall, says Lawrence, 'for there's an ould jackdaw's nest in the chimney. "'Oh thin, says my father, 'let us stop in the kitchen, for it's very umproper for the likes iv me to be sittin' in the parlour, says he. "'Oh, Terry, that can't be, says Lawrence; 'if we keep up the ould custom at all, we may as well keep it up properly, says he.

And him sittin' quiet and peaceful in the front room all the time. Yep; my little girl seen him there while I was hearin' the raps." "Did you ask him about them?" inquired Jones. "Sure! He wouldn't have it at first. Then he kinder smiled and half owned up. And once I seen him with his materializin' wand, sittin' in the room almost dark." "His what?" "Materializin' wand. Spirit-rod, you know.

But who's a-goin' to try common stuff like nettles an' clover an' water hemp, when there's doctors sittin' waitin' wi' knives an' wantin' money for cuttin' up their patients an' 'urryin' 'em into kingdom-come afore their time! Glory be good to me!

"They'll make it interesting for you. Loring's an old-timer and he won't quit. This thing won't be settled until something happens and I reckon it's going to happen soon." "Well, I'm sure sittin' on the dynamite," said Sundown lugubriously. "I reckoned to settle down and git m me farm to goin' and keep out of trouble.

"No," he said; "John told me, an' I guess I'd know it if I heard it; but it's about a feller sittin' one day by the org'n an' not feelin' exac'ly right kind o' tired an' out o' sorts an' not knowin' jest where he was drivin' at jest joggin' 'long with a loose rein fer quite a piece, an' so on; an' then, by an' by, strikin' right into his gait an' goin' on stronger 'n stronger, an' fin'ly finishin' up with an A men that carries him quarter way round the track 'fore he c'n pull up.

"You can't have a chicken pie," grinned Jimmie, "unless some one kills a chicken! No more can you find out what's goin' on by sittin' down in an old house an' waitin' for someone to bring you the news in a New York newspaper! We had to keep cases on this chap, didn't we?" "I think you would talk slang if you were drowning," Ned smiled.

"Tammas, ma puir fallow, if it could avail, a' tell ye a' wud lay doon this auld worn-oot ruckle o' a body o' mine juist tae see ye baith sittin' at the fireside, an' the bairns roond ye, couthy an' canty again; but it's no tae be, Tammas, it's no tae be." "When a' lookit at the doctor's face," Marget said, "a' thocht him the winsomest man a' ever saw.

"It's the custom i' this country to mak what answer a man has the sense to mak whan he's spoken till ceevily." "I considered you uncivil." "That's jist what a bonnie lassie sittin' yonner said aboot you whan she prayed me no to lat you gang a step nearer till her." Curly found it at the moment particularly agreeable to quarrel.

Renshaw wouldn't mind sittin' down on that locker until I've strapped this yer box." "But what does it all mean, father?" said Rosey, taking the old man by the lappels of his pea-jacket, and slightly emphasizing her question. "What in the name of goodness are you doing?" "Breakin' camp, Rosey dear, breakin' camp, jist ez we uster," replied Nott with cheerful philosophy.

But ye don't wanter stir up a fuss here. Our game is ter lay low and let the Tories start the row if they're minded to. You'll see. Mr. Lewis an' some others is goin' to see the judges to-morrow an' try to keep the court from sittin'. They'll sure be trouble if the Tories bring our people before the court. We can't git no fair trial, so we won't be tried at all."