It appears to me if I was a Bluenose I'd but thank fortin' I ain't, so I says nothin'; but there is somethin' that ain't altogether jist right is this country, that's a fact. "But what a country this Bay country is, isn't it? Look at that medder, bean't it lovely? The prayer-eyes of Illanoy are the top of the ladder with us, but these dykes take the shine off them by a long chalk, that's sartin.

"Robin Fordyce," says the old lady severely, "what garred ye loose Heatherbell in among the neeps. "I'm sorry, mother. But I met Jean M'Taggart in the road, and we stopped for a bit crack." The old lady surveys her son witheringly over her glasses. "Dandering wi' Jean M'Taggart at your time of life! I'll sort Jean M'Taggart when I see her. It's jist like her tae try and draw a lad from his duty.

Bes that yerself, Nick Leary?" "Aye, skipper, aye," replied Nick. The two were now at the top of the path, staring anxiously at the skipper through the gloom. Leary's head was still in a bandage. "We was jist a-settin' out to look for ye, skipper," said Bill. Black Dennis Nolan laughed at that. "Was ye t'inkin' I couldn't find me way back to me own harbor, in fair weather?" he asked.

Did ye think for her a slip o' a grand concert-singer from up-along to have a heart for the wind an' snows o' Chance Along?" Pat grumbled. The skipper looked at Mary. "There bain't nothin' wrong wid her heart," he said. "Sure there bain't," agreed Mary. "Her poor little heart bes jist sick to death o' Chance Along an' what else would ye look for?

Jist feels like a spoonful o' red-hot ashes in your eye; an' if a drop falls outside, it tums your skin black. That ought to cut away the sort o' glassy phlegm off o' the optic nerve?" "No; you want none of these burning quack remedies; you want three months' careful treatment" "I ain't denyin' it," interrupted the man, sadly and sullenly.

"Bekaise the divil a taste o' fear or terror ever was in your constitution. When Art, boys, was at school sure he an' I wor schoolfellows if he tuck a thing into his head, no matter what, jist out of a whim, he'd do it, if the divil was at the back door, or the whole world goin' to stop him." "Throth, Toal, I must say there's a great deal o' thruth in that.

Do 'at he like, Beauchamp's dirk couldna hurt ye sae muckle as yer ain han', whan ye liftit the first glass to yer ain mou' the nicht. Ye hae despised a' my warnings. And sorrow and shame'll come o' 't. And I'll hae to beir a' the wyte o' 't. Yer mither'll jist hate me like the verra black taed that no woman can bide. Gang awa' to yer bed. I canna bide the sicht o' ye."

Fraser, the hypochondriac, was pleased with him in a mournful sort of way. Of course, she was somewhat alarmed when Miss Cotton declared that the minister was "jist a terror to cut up and could play 'Dan Tucker' better than Sandy Neil himself." But Annie Fraser explained that Mr. Egerton had done it just to show that he wasn't stiff or "stuck up."

It is jist a short distance above the Falls. Out of the winders, you have a view of the splendid white waters, or the rapids of foam, afore the river takes its everlastin' leap over the cliff.

She turned from the door and went back to her work. "There's some as thinks the Gineral has a business," she went on. "There's them that calls him a banker. But what sort of a business is that now? Jist none at all.