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And in another yle ben folk of foul fasceon and schapp, that han the lippe above the mouthe so gret, that whan thei slepen in the sonne, thei keveren alle the face with that lippe.

He stood with his bonnet in his hand, watching for a farewell glance. "Why don't you come in?" she said impatiently. He was beside her in a moment. "I didna ken ye wad lat me in," he said. "I wouldn't have you drowned," she returned, shutting the door. I stack to the boddom o' a whumled boat a haill nicht whan I was but fifeteen."

On another occasion, as Laura went flitting across the kitchen, drawing to herself the looks of both its inmates, she heard what seemed to be a fragment of talk about a funeral. "Aye, poor Jenny!" said Mrs. Mason. "They didna mak' mich account on her whan t' breath wor yanst oot on her." "Nay," Daffady shook his head for sympathy, "it wor a varra poor set-oot, wor Jenny's buryin.

The horror stricken expression of Malcolm's face drew a second merry laugh from Mr Graham. "They can't burn me," he said: "you needn't look like that." "But there's something terrible wrang, sir, whan sic men hae pooer ower sic a man. "They have no power but what's given them. I shall accept their decision as the decree of heaven." "It's weel to be you, sir 'at can tak a thing sae quaiet."

He bethought him of a couplet that Grizzie had taught him when he was a child: Whan the coo loups ower the mune, The reid gowd rains intil men's shune. And in after-life he thought not unfrequently of this odd vision he had had.

He wad hae dune weel eneuch gin they wad only hae latten him be. What for maun men be aye drink-drinkin' at something or ither? I never want it. Eh! gin I war as young as whan he was born, I wad be up an' awa' this verra nicht to luik for him. But it's no use me tryin' 't. O God! ance mair I pray thee to turn him frae the error o' 's ways afore he goes hence an' isna more.

And whan the queen and alle the othere noble ladyes sawen, that thei weren alle wydewes, and that alle the rialle blood was lost, thei armed hem, and as creatures out of wytt, thei slowen alle the men of the contrey, that weren laft. For thei wolden, that alle the wommen weren wydewes, as the queen and thei weren.

"Ill deedit," returned Malcolm, " whan ye flang my bonny salmon troot till yer oogly deevil o' a dog." "Ho! ho! ho! Ill deedit, am I? I s' no forget thae bonny names! Maybe yer lordship wad alloo me the leeberty o' speirin' anither question at ye, Ma'colm MacPhail." "Ye may speir 'at ye like, sae lang 's ye canna gar me stan' to hearken. Guid day to ye, Mistress Catanach.

'Dinna ye ken, man, that amo' them 'at kent the Lord best whan he cam frae haiven to luik efter his ain to seek and to save, ye ken amo' them 'at cam roon aboot him to hearken till 'im, was lasses 'at had gane the wrang gait a'thegither, no like your bonnie Jessie 'at fell but ance.

On the mother, my presence seemed to hae nearly as extraordinary an effect as on the dochter. Whan I entered the room, she, too, set up a skirl, and fled as far back frae me as the apartment wad admit, exclaimin "Lord be aboot us, Mr. Smith! is that you? Can it be possible? Are ye in the body, or are ye but a wanderin spirit? Lord hae a care o' us, are ye really an' truly leevin, Mr. Smith?"