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And I've seen those same men fend for themselves in a way that was as astonishing as it was heart rending. The great thing we maun all do wi' the laddies that are sae maimed and crippled is never tae let them ken we're thinking of their misfortunes. That's a hard thing, but we maun do it. I've seen sic a laddie get into a 'bus or a railway carriage.

My enemies will allow me that virtue." "And yet that is not the characteristic of your profession, Mr Barber," answered Jones. "Alas! sir," replied Benjamin, "Non si male nunc et olim sic erit. I was not born nor bred a barber, I assure you. I have spent most of my time among gentlemen, and though I say it, I understand something of gentility.

The sic vos, non vobis of the poet was once again to find an exemplification in this circumstance.

Queen Caroline, God bless her! is a woman at least I judge sae, and it's nae treason to speak my mind sae far and ye maybe ken as weel as I do, for ye hae a housekeeper, though ye arena a married man, that women are wilfu', and downa bide a slight. And it will sound ill in her ears, that sic a confused mistake suld come to pass, and naebody sae muckle as to be put into the Tolbooth about it."

She wondered if she should call the man with the unmemorable name. "No," she thought. "There are realities that if words are used to describe them people will sic the men in white coats with their strait jackets on the verbose culprit." She didn't want her words to be mistaken as a source of mad delusion as they no doubt would be.

"I could see she's no pleased, though he has found a wy," he said. "What pleasure should she be able to sook out o' his keeping ding-ding-danging on about that woman?" retorted Gavinia. "What woman?" "The London besom that gae him the go-by." "Was there sic a woman!" Corp cried. "Of course there was, and it's her that he's aye writing about." "Havers, Gavinia!

"The canon how is he?" "Fine as fi'pence. Guid as ever in the pulpit? Aye, but it's a pity he doesna' bide there, for he's naething to be windy of when he comes out of it. Deacon now, bless ye, or archdeacon, and some sic botherment, and his daughter is to be married to yon slip of a curate with the rabbit mouth and the heather legs. Weel, she wasna for all markets, ye ken." "And Mrs. Macrae?"

"And what for no the night, Hobbie," said Harry, "and I will ride wi' ye?" "My naig is tired," said Hobbie. "Ye may take mine, then," said John. "But I am a wee thing wearied mysell." "You wearied?" said Harry; "shame on ye! I have kend ye keep the saddle four-and-twenty hours thegither, and ne'er sic a word as weariness in your wame."

"Tak up your gowd, sir," replied Andrew, "for though I can boast o' nae sic siller, coppers will pay for a' that we have had. I brought you in here to treat ye, and our quarrel shall make nae difference as to that. Sae put up your gowd again; and as to meeting ye I will meet ye the night, the morn, at ony place, or at ony time."

And, in my puir thinking, Garschattachin, ye had better be thinking to bring up your horsemen to the Clachan before day, that we may ay start fair." "What the deevil are ye in sic a hurry for?" said Garschattachin; "meat and mass never hindered wark. An it had been my directing, deil a bit o' me wad hae fashed ye to come down the glens to help us.