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I thought it was fine, and I whispered to mother: "Do you suppose that if Laddie ever marries the Princess he will be good to her as he is to you?" Mother nodded with tear-dimmed eyes, but Shelley said: "I'll wager a strong young girl like the Princess will laugh at you for babying over her." "Why?" inquired Laddie.

"Willand, my dear laddie, ye ken that your father, and your grandfather, and two uncles were all sailors, and were lost at sea, indeed, I may well say that such has been the hard lot of all the males of our line, then why should ye wish without reason or necessity to go and do the same, and break your old grandmother's heart, who loves ye far better than her own life's blood," said the kind old lady, taking me in her arms and pressing me to her bosom.

"Oh, yes, Zip is a good puller," said Russ. "He gave us this ride from Lake Sagatook." "And he ran after a rabbit!" added Laddie. "And he might 'a' got it, only the bunny went down a hole." "They mostly do that when a dog chases 'em," said the gate-man.

If the mater were to hear of it, there's no doubt whatever she would form a flying wedge and bust up the proceedings with no uncertain voice. You see, laddie, it's Miss Faraday I'm marrying, and the mater dear old soul has other ideas for Reginald. Life's a rummy thing, isn't it! What I mean to say is, it's rummy, don't you know, and all that." "Very," agreed George.

Rose had taken her doll and was sitting under a tree, making a new dress for her toy, and Laddie and Vi had gone down to the little brook which bubbled along at the bottom of the green meadow, which was not far from the house. This brook was not very deep or wide. It flowed into Rainbow River, and was a safe place for the children to play.

"I rather think, laddie, had you asked the inventor of the chronometer which gave him the greater satisfaction the award the English Government paid him or the joy derived from successfully working out the puzzle it propounded he would have told you that in his estimation, when weighed the one against the other, the money counted for nothing nothing!"

An' I fell on that, 'Behold I send ye forth as lambs in the midst o' wolves. Be ye therefore wise as serpents an' harmless as doves; an' that gave me comfort, laddie, for ye. Mind the warning, dinna gang wud, whatever ye may see an' hear; it's an ill way o' showing pity, to gang daft anent it. Dinna talk magniloquently; that's the workman's darling sin. An' mind ye dinna go too deep wi' them.

Father said she was the loveliest girl in three counties, and Laddie stretched that to the whole world. Now if the Princess was gleaming and flashing like that, for the same reason, there wasn't any one for her to love so far as I knew, except Laddie. Then smash! came another thought. She HAD to love him! She couldn't help herself.

He had a number of toys of his own, and when the children were tired of playing with them, and with those the Bobbsey twins had brought, they began to have a make-believe store. "I've got some real store boxes and things," said Laddie, as he brought them out from his play-room. "Oh, they are real!" cried Flossie, as she saw them. "Isn't they grand! Where'd you get 'em?"

If it hadn't been for that, I'm afraid, I was having such a good time, I'd have lain there until I forgot how to walk, with all of them trying to see who could be nicest to me. The ones who really could, were Laddie and the Princess, except mother.

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