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He says he has a terrible hatred of unionism and thinks that there's no half-way between smashing them up and letting them smash the employers up. His company pays 25 per cent. regularly every year on its shares and will pay 50 before he gets through with it." "How?" "How!

"It would be a lie." "A lie! Humph!" "I wouldn't lie for any fellow," replied Bobby, stoutly, as he pulled in his seventh fish, and placed him in the basket. "Wouldn't you?" "No, I wouldn't." "Then, let me tell you this; if you peach on me I'll smash your head." Tom Spicer removed one hand from the fish pole and, doubling his fist, shook it with energy at his companion.

A common mistake is to attempt a swift smash on the first ball, which may fail half the time, and then to make sure of the second ball by an easy stroke which a skilful opponent can return almost at will and thus either extend us to the utmost to return it or else make us fail altogether.

It's a safe bet our lumber is going to pile up on the mill dock; hence, when the smash comes and the Sequoia Bank of Commerce calls our loan and we cannot possibly meet it, the lumber on hand will prove security for the loan, will it not? In fact, it will be worth two or three dollars per thousand more then than it is now, because it will be air-dried.

When you reach the end of the island you turn to the left, so, and come down close that your aim may not miss. Here will be the Brooklyn Navy Yard," he indicated a place on the map. "If there is fog the bridges will locate it for you. Smash the ship lying there, the shops, the dry docks; if it is possible blow up the munitions stored there." "I know the place well," Hans replied.

If a mother should see a gun pointed at her son would she break the law to snatch the gun and smash it? The gun was not hers. It may have been worth a thousand dollars. The saloon is worse than the gun which could only destroy the body. It is a great blessing to know your mission in life. I know why Christians are waiting with folded hands, not being able to see their mission.

She makes a bed on the kitchen table for the children, and sits down beside it to watch all night. She has an eye on the corner, and a green sapling club laid in readiness on the dresser by her side; also her sewing basket and a copy of the Young Ladies' Journal. She has brought the dog into the room. Tommy turns in, under protest, but says he'll lie awake all night and smash that blinded snake.

With a surprising rush the fat creature lunged another smash at the man's head with her favorite weapon. The blow fell short, for Ike had made good his retreat. And curiously enough he made no attempt to disarm her, or otherwise stand his ground once he was beyond the range of her blows.

"Shinny on the corners," "Gents all forw'd," "Sling yer pardner," "Up and down the travoy," "Dozey-dozey," "Smash 'em on the finish," was the way he called off, the latter call bringing the feet of the lumberjacks down in a series of bangs that threatened the collapse of the floor.

"I hear this is a bad smash for the firm." "We'll see that the men get their wages all right," replied Carpenter, a little disappointed that such a question should be asked at such a time. "All right," rejoined the contractor. "We're all going to need our money this summer." Thorpe walked through the silent group of men without seeing them.

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