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Ken, who, both in intellectual and in moral qualities, ranked highest among the nonjuring prelates, hesitated long. There were few clergymen who could have submitted to the new government with a better grace. For, in the times when nonresistance and passive obedience were the favourite themes of his brethren, he had scarcely ever alluded to politics in the pulpit.

Hop's quilts above, with the overcoats in reserve the Sturgises considered themselves quite luxurious, after last night's shift at sleep. "What care we if the beds don't come?" Ken said. "We could live this way all summer. Let them perish untended in the trolley freight-house." But when Kirk was asleep, the note of the conversation dropped.

A new generation of doves has grown up since the lilacs were in bloom, and nothing is easier than to distinguish the old and young of the two or three separate families till all leave the grass and the gravel together and hie to the stubble-fields beyond our ken. Bernard, there could of course be no doubt.

Then would follow a fresh delay till I got fresh authority, and they had disavowed the officer military man, notoriously ignorant of the law, and that I ken the cant of it. Then the journey a third time; and there we should be on the immediate heels of the trial before I had received my first instruction. Am I not right to call this a conspiracy?"

'What the blazes? muttered Roy, as he lifted his head and looked round dazedly. 'It was blazes all right, answered Ken dryly. 'A high explosive shell, my lad. Lucky that it went pretty deep before it burst. 'And lucky for me that you pulled my head down in time, answered Roy soberly. 'Thanks, old man. I shan't forget that.

Formerly, the miserable aspect of the country had merely terrified him, and driven him to strive to hide his head in a convent; but the strength and the sense of duty he had acquired had brought his heart to respond to Kennedy's call to work. Esclairmonde's words wrought within him beyond her own ken or purpose in speaking them.

"Curse you!" he cried, with extraordinary vehemence, "you have been playing wi' me a' the time, ay, and wi' him and wi' her!" What had Aaron been doing with Tommy? But Tommy did not ask that. "I am sorry you think so badly of me," he said quietly. "I have known all the time, Aaron, but have I interfered?" "Because you ken she winna take him. I see it plain enough now.

Moreover, he discovered he had not used good judgment in choosing that direction. All along the campus was a high iron fence. Ken thought desperately hard for an instant, then with renewed speed he bounded straight for College Hall. This was the stronghold of the sophomores. As Ken sped up the gravel walk his pursuers split their throats. "Run, you Freshie!" yelled one.

Now, deil ane o' them will touch an acquaintance o' Daddie Ratton's; for though I am retired frae public practice, yet they ken I can do a gude or an ill turn yet and deil a gude fellow that has been but a twelvemonth on the lay, be he ruffler or padder, but he knows my gybe* as well as the jark of e'er a queer cuffin * in England and there's rogue's Latin for you." * Pass.

'Why are you not firing? he demanded, and by his harsh guttural voice Ken knew him at once for a German. 'We are out of ammunition, he answered readily. 'Schweine Hund! Do you not know enough to say "Sir" to an officer when he addresses you? 'Your pardon, sir, said Ken gruffly. 'The light is so bad, and my eyes sting with the powder smoke.

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