We're going to leave the giantess, and leave the impolite error fairy, and leave the poor enchanted maiden, and go to find the ravine and the brook. Wait till I put on my oldest shoes, for we shall have to climb deep, deep down to get near to father."

All heads were now bent from the battlements of the turret, which commanded a distant prospect down the vale of the river. The Tower of Tillietudlem stood, or perhaps yet stands, upon the angle of a very precipitous bank, formed by the junction of a considerable brook with the Clyde.

When the first green brightened the cottonwoods and willows along the brook she knew that before their leaves had attained their full growth Neale would be on his way to her. A strange and inexplicable sense of the heart told her that he was coming. More than once that spring had she bent over the mossy rock to peer down at her face mirrored in the crystal spring.

"At the door of the supper-room, I suppose?" "Yes, he was looking at the salad when I came away." "That reminds me; why did you leave so early, Hugh?" "I believe, after all, I am a little tired; I strained my wrist slightly in the brook." "Let me get some arnica for you; do, Hugh." "Oh, no! the strain is very slight. It will be all over in a day or two." "Was there really any danger, Hugh?"

What's the use of being good?" "Oh I didn't mean that," said Nanda. "Besides, isn't Aggie of a goodness ?" "I wasn't talking of her. I was asking myself what's the use of MY being." "Well, you can't help it any more than the Duchess can help !" "Ah but she could if she would!" Mrs. Brook broke in with a sharper ring than she had yet given.

Caylus Castle stands on a rock in the middle of the narrow valley of that name. The town clusters about the ledges of the rock so closely that when I was a boy I could fling a stone clear of the houses. The hills are scarcely five hundred yards distant on either side, rising in tamer colours from the green fields about the brook.

While he looked after her it seemed to him that the wan November day grew radiant with colour, and that spring blossomed suddenly, out of season, upon the landscape. His hour was upon him when he turned and retraced his steps over the silver brook and up the gradual slope, where the sun shone on the bare soil and revealed each separate clod of earth as if it were seen under a microscope.

Once more roused from his shivering repose, he journeyed on till he heard the tinkling of a little brook, and bethought him of following its guidance, in the hope that it might lead him to the river where the hunters were now encamped.

Much of this work was already in progress, for George Dally, with that ready resource and quiet capacity of adaptation to circumstances which he had displayed on the voyage out and on the journey to the location, had already kindled a fire, sent Scholtz to cut firewood, and was busy erecting the tent when Brook joined him.

But I know not, the Essene answered, that any man be dying in the brook. We believe thy comrade held on to the road to Cæsarea. So it may have befallen, Paul said, but it may be else. It may be, the Essene answered, but not likely. He held on to the road to Cæsarea, and finding thee no longer with him kept on or rolled over the cliff, Paul interrupted.