It's been a t-time of a-a- absolute m-m-misery!" Then we said good-bye to Sprague, Pete, the Chief, and Simon the duck. The "White Rabbit" was going to Porpoise Island, and we set out again to Lanesport. "Mr. Daddles " I began, but he interrupted me. "I've demonstrated to the satisfaction of everyone on board the 'White Rabbit' that that nickname is grossly unjust.

We dressed it and made it into rabbit stew by putting into the kettle first a layer of bacon and then one of rabbit, and then a layer of dumpling, which we made from flour and water, putting in layer after layer of this sort until our four camp-kettles were filled. We had a late supper that night.

Come on!" he called to Papa Littletail, and, though Uncle Wiggily Longears was quite lame with the rheumatism, he started off with Sammie's papa, and to-morrow night I will tell you how they saved the little boy rabbit. When Uncle Wiggily Longears and Papa Littletail hurried from the underground house to rescue Sammie, Mamma Littletail was much frightened.

Hester was frightened by an owl which hooted close to the caravan, and Janet had to hold her hand for quite a long time, which is a very uncomfortable thing to do when you are in the berth below, and then, just as she was going off again, a rabbit, pursued by a stoat, screamed right under their wheels, as it seemed, and Hester's fright began anew.

Little John hurled a clod of clay at him, but before I was quite out of the ditch the spaniel gave tongue, and at the same moment I saw a rabbit come from the ditch and run like mad across the field. The dog gave chase I rushed for my gun, which was some yards off, placed against a hollow withy tree. The haste disconcerted the aim the rabbit too was almost fifty yards away when I fired.

The first were their various residences and outposts, and the second their grand fastness and safe retreat. They had so long held the Swamp and felt it to be their very own in every part and suburb including Olifant's grounds and buildings that they would have resented the appearance of another rabbit even about the adjoining barnyard.

Well, as soon as the ink was dry so that the little rabbit could put the album away in Uncle Lucky's desk, the kind old gentleman rabbit said: "Let us take a ride in the Luckymobile. Maybe we can go some place where we will have a good time." So they got into the automobile and started off, and by and by they came to a shady spot in the woods.

The wind was rising again, with a dull moaning through the timber, and sending the flakes whirling in all directions, and they were glad enough to get back to the shelter of the cedars. "We'll clear a space in the snow and start a fire," said the guide. "A hot cup o' coffee will do us all good." "And we can cook that other rabbit Tom and I brought along," put in Sam.

Many of the lower creatures, such as worms and flies, have no bony skeleton. Most of these move sluggishly or have a hardened outer covering, like beetles and wasps. The skeleton of animals such as the cat, rabbit, or cow, has about the same number of bones as man, and they are arranged in the same way. =Of what a Bone is Made.= Although the bones are so hard, they are not dead.

Joining the little company, I found that the farmer was a blundering player, but made up in fun what he lacked in science. I tried to ascertain the origin of the name Rabbit Hash, as applied to the hamlet.