His voice shook with fury, but the Jacobin took it for enthusiasm. He held up his hand in blessing and fluttered back to the archway. From inside the courtyard came the sound of something falling, and then a great shout. The mob had jumped to a conclusion. "That is the end of old Toothpick," a voice cried, using the Admiral's nickname There was a wild surge round the horsemen, but the ring held.

I used to think all that talk was a silly yarn, too, Toby, but now I put a heap of stock in the same," declared the unusually tall and thin boy, who seemed to answer to the queer name of "Lil Artha;" he had evidently been dubbed so by his comrades as an undersized cub, and when shooting up later on had been unable to shake off the absurd nickname.

But among his friends the full name had inevitably been turned into the nickname, for the big, red-haired, quick-tempered, warm-hearted fellow was "Red Pepper Burns" as irresistibly to them as he had been, a decade earlier, to his classmates in college.

To-day, so far as I am concerned, you are a treasure-casket. You hold secrets. You have a great value to us. Every one in your position is watched; it is part of our system. If the man for whom you have found so picturesque a nickname annoys you, he shall be changed. That is the most I can promise you." "You don't trust me altogether, then?" Norgate observed coolly.

"Do you know, Major Carew, your singularly appropriate nickname has been subjected to a little embroidery?... You are now called, after the Coeur de Lion, 'The Bear with two faces." All in a moment he stiffened and the shadow loomed; and while Meryl wondered Diana ran on unheedingly, "If I say to you when we meet, 'Which face is it to-day? you will know that I mean, is it your day of lordly graciousness, or is it the cast-iron, beware-of-the-bull frown day?"

He was very highly educated, had, I take it, spent the most of his life with the classics. He was long and thin and sallow and fish-eyed. He spoke in a low colorless monotone, absolutely without any inflection whatever. The men thought he was balmy. Hence the nickname Mad Harry. Mad Harry was a fiend for walking.

"I don't think I understand," she said, and laid a repressing hand upon her husband's arm. "Lasse must explain." "It's because I was engaged to Madam Olsen in the village, who every one thought was a widow; and then her husband came home the other day. And so they've given me that nickname round about, I suppose." Kongstrup began his suppressed laughter again, and Lasse blinked in distress at it.

"It is a most amazing thing that you should ask me that, Miss Fenshawe," he cried. "Sh-s-s-h. I have always imagined you to be a man who would smile in the midst of earthquakes, yet here you are quite dazzled by a harmless bit of feminine curiosity. Don't you wish me to know how you came by that nickname? I suppose it is one?" "There is no other in whom I would confide so willingly," he said.

"Oh, Rebecca! how could you call him a nickname the very first time you ever saw him?" "Aladdin isn't a nickname exactly; anyway, he laughed and seemed to like it."

Jimmy's nickname for his brother escaped her unconsciously. Jimmy smiled faintly. "Yes; I heard last night. I I believe he arrives in England on Monday." It was Kettering who broke the following silence. "I shall be glad to see him again. He will be surprised to hear that I have come across you and Mrs. Challoner." He spoke to Jimmy, but his whole attention was fixed on the girl at his side.