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"If you'll only come you may furnish it in teak wood and Chinese embroidery, and I'll be contented on my bare floors." But Josephine's affectionate arm was around her friend's shoulders. "Sally Lunn," said she, soothingly, "give us credit for better taste than that, entirely from the standpoint of harmony. In a summer home on a farm people of sense don't use Persian rugs or teak wood.

With increase of years his taste in clothes became softened and more sober. "On the other side is an invoice of clothes which I beg the favor of you to purchase for me," he wrote to London. "As they are designed for wearing apparel for myself, I have committed the choice of them to your fancy, having the best opinion of your taste. I want neither lace nor embroidery.

Her father was discouraged and her mother never went out, and worked hard all day at embroidery. What had happened? She could not tell. It was a busy life for Camilla. As the winter advanced her hours of study increased. More practice at home and more difficult lessons at the school.

Doctor Frank's theory of optical illusion satisfied no one there was something at the bottom that they did not understand. The stormy day grew stormier as it wore on. Rose sat down at the drawing-room piano after breakfast, and tried to while away the forlorn morning with music. Kate was there, trying to work off a bad headache with a complicated piece of embroidery and a conversation with Mr.

They are sometimes made of metal, ivory, or bone; for large work, metal combs of a heavier type are used. An embroidery frame, which has been already mentioned as a possible substitute for the loom, is oftentimes an article more easily procured.

Pendyce, taking up her embroidery, on which a tear had dropped, said gently: "Thank you, dear; most charming!" Mrs. Bellew left the piano, and sat down beside her. George moved into the bay-window. He knew nothing of chess-indeed, he could not stand the game; but from here, without attracting attention, he could watch Mrs. Bellew.

Yet she could but remember that Hyacinth had described trains and petticoats so loaded with jewelled embroidery that it was a penance to wear them lace worth hundreds of pounds plumed hats that cost as much as a year's maintenance in the convent. Mother Anastasia expressed considerable displeasure at Madame de Montrond's disposal of her wealth.

A gilded railing, as transparent as lace, closed the choir, where the high altar, of white marble richly sculptured, arose in all its lavish chasteness. But the feature of the building which astonished you was the mass of extraordinary ornamentation which transformed the whole of it into an overflowing exhibition of embroidery and jewellery.

Othello was still spying when Bianca entered, boiling over with the idea that Cassio, whom she considered her property, had asked her to copy the embroidery on the handkerchief of a new sweetheart. She tossed him the handkerchief with scornful words, and Cassio departed with her.

In the center of the room was a round table covered with a cloth which quickly caught her eye and charmed it with its dainty embroidery and lace, used as she had been to the coarse linen of the home. A man drew out her chair and she was seated, a footstool found for her feet, and breakfast was served. Drusilla felt that she could never forget that breakfast.