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'And it's growing warm between 'em if I don't mistake, continued the merciless Vine. Margery was silent, biting her lip; and the troops being now set in motion, all signalling ceased for the present between soldier Hayward and his pretended sweetheart. 'Have you a piece of paper that I could make a memorandum on, Mr. Vine? asked Margery.

Shall I come out to you, or will you come down the laurel path?" "You!" she murmured. "You!" He saw the light in her face, and his voice was hoarse with passion. "Come," he cried, "or I must fetch you! Louise! Sweetheart!" She came towards him a little timidly, her eyebrows arched, a divine smile playing about her lips. She stood at the entrance to the laurel grove and peered a little forward.

See, here he comes again, with his oily tongue." The shifty eyes and full-lipped mouth of the man filled me with a sudden loathing. Fear began to take hold of me at last, and a little sob broke in my throat. My dear love turned to me with a quick, warm glance. "Cheer up, sweetheart," he whispered. "It is too soon to lose courage. Come, where is my brave Margaret?" "Here!"

The watermen, who were enthusiastic in the cause, which they understood as that of one young sweetheart rescued by the other, declared that they would carry the sweet lady between them on the cushions of their boat, laid on stretchers; and as they knew of a land-place near the Royal York, with no need of crossing any great thoroughfare, Betty thought this the best chance of taking her sister home without a shock.

"That was all very charming, however," she said, "if you only had not such a reprehensible way of jumping from the sublime to the ridiculous, like a meteor from world to world." "Prettily said, sweetheart. But, trust me, if I ever reach the sublime I will stay there. Now, to your ancestors! Great heaven! what an array!"

"Only another weapon, Sweetheart, besides this prick-point small-sword!" said I, looking at the thing in my hand I doubt not a trifle scornfully. Helene shut to the door, and for a space I heard no more. Presently, however, she opened it again, and thrust an axe with a long handle through to me. It was the very fellow of the weapon I had used on the pendent calf in the kitchen.

"But you, sweetheart haven't you a suggestion to make?" "If you would like me to make one." "You know I would, Inza." "Then let Hodge be his middle name. Let's call him Frank Hodge Merriwell. The initials are the same as your own. Bart will be pleased, and to me the baby will be little Frank." "Fine!" laughed Merry, in great satisfaction. "That is settled. That shall be his name.

"Oh, but why not offer thirty?" she cried. Charles laughed. "That would be a scurvy trick, sweetheart, and if Peregrine be a crooked stick, we need not be crooked too." "I was about to ask," said the Doctor, "whether you had heard aught of that same young gentleman."

'I hope not, sweetheart, he answered. 'I am sure of it, said Hilda in a tone of conviction. 'I cannot tell why only, remember, whatever happens it will be something terrible I shall always love you always, always. The others came up, and her voice sank to a whisper as she repeated the last word.

"Yes, sweetheart; kiss me first." "You have no fear?" "Not with your strong hands to support, but do not keep me waiting long below." Ay, but I was frightened as I swung off into the black void, clinging desperately to that slight rope, steadily sinking downward. My body rubbed against the rough logs, and then against rock.