But if these are the mean temperatures of the surface, the natural temperatures of the caves themselves should be still higher, on account of the allowance to be made for increase of temperature with descent into the interior of the earth.

It was impossible the safety of four women, who would probably have to be carried backwards and forwards through a country bristling with hostile troops, was a fearful burden to the young leaders; it would have been madness for them to increase it.

When he had spoken, he ordered, after a short delay, the signal for battle to be sounded, and led down his troops, in regular order, to the level ground. Having then sent away the horses of all the cavalry, in order to increase the men's courage by making their danger equal, he himself, on foot, drew up his troops suitably to their numbers and the nature of the ground.

It doesn't matter, at any rate," she ended, laughing, "because nobody I care about will see me." Van Degen echoed her laugh. "Oh, come that's rough on Ralph!" She looked down with a slight increase of colour. "I oughtn't to have said it, ought I? But the fact is I'm unhappy and a little hurt " "Unhappy? Hurt?" He was at her side again. "Why, what's wrong?" She lifted her eyes with a grave look.

As virtue becomes a habit and a choice, and the soul, throughout all its affections and powers, harmonizes with nature and God, will the hope of immortality increase in strength till it shall grow to a confident expectation. Remember that virtue is the golden key, and the only one, that unlocks the gates of the celestial mansions.

Eburnation of the articular surfaces is shown by increase in the density of the shadow of the bone in the areas affected. [Illustration: FIG.

She had an increase of $2 a week in wages $8 a week instead of $6. Her hours were now fifty-two a week instead of sixty that is to say, nine and one-half hours a day, with a Saturday half-holiday. But she has since then been obliged to enter another factory on account of slack work.

Butter the toast, put on each slice one egg; put these around the edge of a large platter, turn the celery into the middle of the dish and send at once to the table. To increase the beauty of this dish, and to give it a greater food value, you may garnish between the toast and celery with carefully boiled rice; this then makes an exceedingly nice supper dish.

In its natural and free state, the colony trade tends to increase the quantity of productive labour in Great Britain, but without altering in any respect the direction of that which had been employed there before.

These are the reasons which have impelled me to draw together my troops, and to increase the severity of the edicts. Whoever now asks me to lay down my arms cannot mean well to his country or his king, and if ye value your own lives, look to it that your own actions acquit you, instead of judging mine."