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"I believe you have gone over to the enemy. You really want Lil to go with us to Acorn Island." "No. But I'd be glad to have her mother pay the wages of somebody to do most of the hard work," grinned Bobby. There was a regular "buzz society," as Bobby called it, after the girls were dressed.

"Well, I think Lil may say good-by to her Dicky-bird now," returned the first speaker. "That bride is quite the prettiest piece of flesh and blood I've seen for many days." "She is all of that," agreed the other, "She holds all the best cards, but you'll find she is too statuesque and dignified to play them. I saw her face tonight when Lil was talking to her.

The elongated scout could hardly breathe, he was so full; but he heaved many a sigh as he noticed that a fresh plateful of those unexcelled pancakes had just been put on, with no one left to do them justice. Shaking his head sadly, Lil Artha finally managed to get on his feet and leave the dining-room.

Lord Bob would drive, but he meant to hire a chauffeur recommended by the Club, so that he would not have to stop behind and see to getting the car across the Channel in a cargo boat. Aunt Lil was very much excited over this idea, as she always is over anything new, and if I was rather quiet and uninterested, she was too much occupied to notice.

"No, Aunt Jinkey, you won't be punished for doing a good deed. Your young mistress is on your side, anyway. Who is she?" "Young mistis ain' got no po'r ef dey fin's out. She nuff ter do ter hol' 'er own." "How comes it she's friendly to 'we uns, as you say down here?" "She ain' friendly. You drap at her feet ez ef you wuz dead, en she hab a lil gyurlish, soft heart, dat's all.

"Can it be possible that Purt is shielding Hester in this matter?" Laura queried gravely. "Oh, it couldn't be! She wasn't in that car that knocked down Mr. Nemo of Nowhere," Bobby declared emphatically; "He has always favored Hester and Lil," Jess "Pooh!" again put in the irrepressible.

"We have set a precedent there," said Laura thoughtfully. "We took Janet Steele into the ice carnival, and she was not a member of the school." "That was an entirely different thing!" snapped Jess. "Why, Hester Grimes is no more fit to play that part than I am fit for the professional stage!" Nellie Agnew said. "What can Lil mean?" "I bet a cooky," Bobby growled, "that Hester put Lil up to it.

"Poor little blue-eyed woman! Could you really think I was such a brute?" "'Twas awnly wan thot among many. I never thot so much afore in my life. An' I looked 'bout tu; an' I went up to the lil byre, where your things was, an' peeped in en. But I seed naught of 'e, awnly a gashly auld rat in a trap. But 'e won't gaw aways like that ag'in, will 'e?" "No, no. It was too bad."

Landy eagerly assisted, though Lil Artha kept a watchful eye on what he gathered lest he mix in green stuff that would make a black smoke when it burned. Another scout managed to find a stick with a crotch that would hold the coffee-pot over the blaze until it had boiled.

"When I set her to my knee like this I can see my own lil Kirry again, said Grannie, looking down ruefully, rocking the child with one knee and doubling over it to kiss it. "So she's like the mammy, is she?" said Pete, blowing at the baby and tickling its chin with his broad forefinger. "Mammy's gone to the ould uncle's hasn't she, my lammie?"