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In this necessity the captain saw clearly that neither gold nor pearls could outweigh the value of bread, and the meaning of the mysterious words the stranger from the Orient had spoken to Richberta, dawned upon him. He steered to the coast and took a large cargo of the finest wheat aboard his ships.

"It is your own doing, and now you want to run away and leave a good ship and all its valuable cargo ours, do you hear? all ours to burn. Bah!" "The boats, quick! the boats!" shouted one of the men. "Throw that fool overboard, some of you," cried Jarette, contemptuously; "he has not the spirit of a mouche. Bah! what is it? A cask or two of spirit in the hold. Come along, brave lads.

"You forget the cabooses, the cockpits, and the cabins, that do not weigh anything. Allowing for everything, the weight of a ship, cargo and all, is much lighter than its bulk of water, and consequently it cannot sink." "But how is it, then, that the immense bulk of a seventy-four moves so easily in the water?

With no sign of having heard her outburst Roger pressed a button and a tall, comely woman, appeared a woman of indefinite age and of uncertain nationality. "Show Miss Marsden to her apartment," he directed, and as the two women went out a man came in. "The cargo is unloaded, sir," the newcomer reported.

It was but a plot on the part of the cowardly thieves to take from me my whole cargo, without daring to do so openly. Carajo! I am lost!" This last phrase was uttered in a tone that partook equally of anger and grief. The cibolero was certainly placed in an unpleasant situation. All his hopes lately running so high were crushed in a single moment.

We passed two or three rapids, down which we had to lower our canoe, and to carry her cargo by land. One was so dangerous that we judged it safer to haul her on shore, and to drag her over the ground to the lower side.

"I didn't get any," replied Marcy. "I saw one Yankee cruiser riding at anchor off the coast, and also saw one blockade-runner come in. What sort of a cargo she brought I don't know, for I didn't exchange a word with any of her crew." "What's the matter with your hand?" inquired the master's mate. "De Yankees done guv him dat hand, sar," said Julius promptly.

He took in his cargo at Jamaica; put to sea again, 6th April, 1731, and proceeded on the Voyage homewards; with indifferent winds for the first fortnight. April 20th, with no wind or none that would suit, he was hanging about in the entrance of the Gulf of Florida, not far from the Havana," almost too near it, I should think; but these baffling winds!

"Yet I think we had better remain where we are a little longer; for I am anxious to assure myself, before starting on our trip, that the Potter has succeeded in landing her cargo and getting away safely.

"You've got it all as straight, lieutenant, as if you was a readin' it from the log." "The next thing, sir, is to know of what your cargo is composed?" "Flour; eight hundred barrels of flour." "Flour! Would you not do better to carry that to Liverpool? The Mississippi must be almost turned into paste by the quantity of flour it floats to market."