Soon a gruff voice said, 'Halt! I guv de password mighty sudden, an' den said, 'I want to see Cap'n Lane. De man call anoder soger, an' he come an' question me, an' den took me ter de cap'n. An' he was a-sleepin' as if his moder had rocked 'im! But he was on his feet de moment he spoke to. He 'membered me, an' ask ef de mawnin' wouldn't answer.

"An', Guv, I've only took th' liberty o' sayin' this because my pore old bowels yearns to ye both on ye. Persoot's the word, Guv, per-soot!" The Old Un nodded, rose, and creaked away, and Ravenslee, looking after him, scowled no longer, but rising, sauntered across the trim garden to where there was a lily pool and, leaning over the marble rim, stared down into the placid water.

"Which means two dollars fifty for each on us, Joe mind that," added the Old Un. "So fight more cautious, sir, do," pleaded Joe, "and look out." "Time!" croaked the Old Un. "Round two! And Guv, look out for yer p'int, cover yer mark, an' keep a heye on yer kidney-pit!"

"I tell you what, sir; for another sixpence I'd 've sworn you'd never guv' me the paper at all; and so I will now, if it bean't too late; sixpence or no sixpence. What do I care? d them." "Dan!" "And why shouldn't I? They hain't got brains enough among them to winny the truth from the lies, not among the lot of 'em.

Beecot said as he 'ad the brooch in 'is pocket " "Yes, I certainly did," said Paul, remembering the conversation. "Well, when the smash come, I dodged in and prigged it. T'wos easy 'nough," grinned Tray, "for I felt it in 'is bres' poket and collared it. I wanted to guv it t' th' ole man, thinkin' he'd pay fur it, as he said he would.

You see," dropping her voice for a moment, "I darsn't dar to speak out plain and 'bove-board heah, as if I was at home in Georgy! Ebbery ting is wat dey calls a mist'ry' hereabouts; an' I has bin notified not to tell ob no secret doins ob deirn to any airthly creeter, onless I wants to be smacked into jail an' guv up to my wrong owners.

Rowe confronted us, in his firmest manner, with the question, "And where are you going to sleep, young gentlemen?" "Where are you going to sleep, Mr. Rowe?" said I, after a thoughtful pause. "I sleeps below, but the captain's cabin is guv up to no one unless it be the Queen," replied the barge-master, humorously but decidedly. "We should like to sleep on deck," said I. But Mr.

Well, I wish I wor the Shipwrecked thing-me-bob Society, I do," said Dan with a sigh; "but I an't, so I'll have to cut my stick, clap spurs to my horse, as the story books say, for Capting Bingley towld me to make haste. But there's wan thing, Susan, as I wouldn't guv for twice the sum." "An' what may that be?" asked Susan shyly.

I hadn't my Bible with me on this cruise, savin' yer presence, an' I couldn't think of any girls' names out of it, but Eve or Queen of Sheba, an' they didn't seem very fit, so I asked one of me mates, an' he says, for his part he guessed Bellzebub was as pretty a girl's name as any, so I guv her that.

An' the ould man Mazarine part rhinoceros and part Methody, he is. An' what do ye be thinkin' of him they call Giggles, that almost guv his life to save the ould behemoth! Doesn't he remind you of the zebra, where the wild Hottentots come from smart and handsome, but that showy, all stripes and tail and fetlock! D'ye unnerstand what I mean, y'r anner?"