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What would you say if I told you that I was going to marry the prettiest, sweetest, dearest girl in the world?" "Why, that's Miss Lucy!" gasped Mrs. Wiggs, more breathless than ever. Then the truth flashed upon her, and she laughed with them. "Oh, sure 'nough! Sure 'nough! I'm jes' pleased to death!"

What was de use o' resistin'? 'Sides which, I t'ought by going farder I might fine out more. And sure 'nough so I did! for soon as ebber I got on deck, de fuss person I see was Jim. Which soon as ebber I see him, and he see me, he run, de poor boy, and cotch me 'round de neck, and hugged and kissed me, and said says he: "'Oh, my mammy! is dis you? "And says I: "'Yes, Jim, it's me!

I suppose you haven't noticed it." Hyland looked gravely eastward. "Sure 'nough!" said he. "Better get some grub," suggested Wallace. After the men had gone in, he turned to the journalist. "Hamilton," he began, "write all you know about the drive, and the break, and the rescue, but as to the burning of the mill " The other held out his hand. "Good," said Wallace offering his own.

"Steel Spring knows 'um, and that's 'nough;" and then each man applied himself with renewed energy to drinking and smoking, and laying plans for future robberies. "I should never have known you," Steel Spring whispered, "if you hadn't have peached about the toggles vot you vas going to vare.

"I promise," she drawled, with a gravity out of all proportion to her six years, "I promise to go to school and learn lots like Dale and be fine and boo'ful so's my 'dopted dolly will like me as well as that other kid. I've gotta be good 'nough for her. So there."

Grotesque looking angels were these, swinging from limb to limb of the forest trees; but heavenly in their beneficence were the solemn-faced "Crackers," as hundreds of them dropped to the ground and fed the exhausted warriors with "hog, hominy," and water from packs strapped with their rifles to their dirty, sturdy shoulders "'nough sight better work for angels to do than loafin' around the throne."

I looked with my spy-glass 'crost the bay an' could see the heads bobbin' up an' down an' a dozen men comin' out with poles to help the log rasslers. Fer some time they had 'nough to do an' I wouldn't be supprised. If we had the hull British army on floatin' timber the logs would lick 'em in a few minutes."

"I only said that Daniel, here, couldn't have anything to do with such a mis'rable mule. Daniel's a thoroughbred!" "Thurerbred!" Zack scornfully repeated. "Jes' heah dat! Why, he ain' big 'nough to be no kind o' bred! He ain' got 'nough blood in 'im to call it real breedin'!" The boy's face flushed. "He's by Shadeland Wildon," he cried, "and out of Hurstbourne Trinket!

I shaved the hull blame thing soon as ever they let me loose, an' then played loony, till thar ain't no Injun 'long the shore as 'd tech me fer all the wampum in the Illini country. 'T ain't the fust time I saved my scalp by some sech dern trick. I tell ye, it 's easy 'nough ter beat Injuns if ye only know how. By snakes! I 'm sacred, I am, specially teched by the Great Spirit.

It was 'fore she cum home from Europe! She jes' went fer him an' turned his head. Ef I'd a-knowed in time I'd gone an' tole her, but land sakes! I don't 'spose 'twould a done much good. I would a-ben to her before, only I was fool 'nough to promise him I wouldn't say nothin' to her ef he'd keep away from her. You see I needed money awful bad fer baby. He don't take to livin' awful good.

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