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Without wasting a moment Lady Casterley leaned forward and addressed the bull: "You awful brute!" she said; "I will have you well flogged." Gently pawing the ground, the bull snuffled. "Are you any the worse, child?" "Not a scrap," said Barbara's serene, still breathless voice. Lady Casterley put up her hands, and took the girl's face between them. "What legs you have!" she said. "Give me a kiss!"

Both men darted after the beast, Maillochon with a long stride, Labouise with the short, breathless trot of a little man. But the donkey, tired out, had stopped, and, with a bewildered look, was watching his two murderers approach. Suddenly he stretched his neck and began to bray. Labouise, out of breath, had taken the gun.

The recollection that I had a husband, you said, forbade that you should take advantage of my preference for you. Rejoice with me, Montoni come to my arms my husband is no more! 'How what mean you? demanded the Italian, in breathless astonishment. 'Follow me, she said; and taking a lamp, she led the way to the chamber of Mr. Hedge.

The governor was now approaching with a long roll of paper, when a faint voice was heard to cry out hastily, "Where is he?" and presently a female spectre, all pale and breathless, rushed into the room, and fell into Mr. Booth's arms, where she immediately fainted away. Booth made a shift to support his lovely burden; though he was himself in a condition very little different from hers.

He heard soft steps, a breathless exclamation, then a key turned in the lock, and the door opened. The lamplight was not bright, Louise stood there half dressed, her bare arms and bosom gleaming. Pan entered, dragging Blinky with him, and closed the door all but tight. "Louise, it wasn't kind of you to do that," said Pan reproachfully. "Have you any better friends than Blinky or me?"

‘My sister told me,’ she began, ‘that you would give me 4,500 roubles if I came to you for itmyself. I have come ... give me the money!’ “She couldn’t keep it up. She was breathless, frightened, her voice failed her, and the corners of her mouth and the lines round it quivered. Alyosha, are you listening, or are you asleep?”

But there were only two of the children, and one of them, the little girl, was crying. Their mother and sister hurried forward to meet them, more alarmed than ever. "Where is Billy where is he?" cried the mother, nearly breathless, so soon as she was within hearing. "He's gone they took him away; but they said he'll come back again," answered little Con, with the dark brown hair.

The figure came slowly on, and moved with some difficulty. This much Hicks noted, and then suddenly realised that he beheld his mother. She knew his haunt and doubtless sought him now. Rising, therefore, he hastened to meet her and shorten her arduous climb. Mrs. Hicks was breathless when Clement reached her, and paused a while, with her hand pressed to her side, before she could speak.

"I think it's giving a little!" Tom and Roger pushed with the last ounce of strength in their bodies, and after a final desperate effort, slumped to the floor breathless. Astro continued to push, but a moment later, relaxed and slipped down beside Tom and Roger. They sat on the deck for nearly five minutes gasping for air. "Like " began Roger, "like father like son!"

What could I do? what could I say? Nothing! Miss Jillgall was in the drawing-room. With the necessary explanations, I showed her the letter. She read it with breathless interest. "It terrifies one to think how much depends on old Mr. Dunboyne," she said. "You know him. What sort of man is he?" Miss Jillgall possessed treasures of information to which I could lay no claim. Mr.