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I was called "Deacon," and it was suggested that I lead in prayer or at least make a few remarks. But I had said enough to put myself on record and it was hardly to be expected that they would take me seriously on such short notice. When it came time to go to bed I felt that in order not to be misunderstood I must pray in the presence of my roommate.

"It must be a troublesome way of amusing oneself," I suggested. "Exactly what my wife says," he replied; "she can never understand the desire that comes over us all, I suppose, at times, to play the fool. As a rule, when she is with me I don't do it." "She's not here today?" I asked, glancing round. "She suffers so from headaches," he answered, "she hardly ever goes anywhere." "I'm sorry."

It was like old times only with a glance outward toward the water and the star-strewn sky so much more what was the word? Not quiet; they could never forget the desert silence. "Homelike," Susan suggested, and they decided that was the right word. "You feel as if you could stay here and not want to move on," Bella opined.

Every time he got the spoon near his mouth an officer invariably hove in view, and down would have to go the spoon, soup and all, and up he would have to rise. It never seemed to occur to the silly fellow to get under the table and finish his dinner there. We had half-an-hour to spare between dinner and the starting of our train, and B. suggested that we should go into the cathedral.

He had not been at it long when James surprised him by dropping in. His host offered the easiest chair and shoved tobacco toward him. "Been pretty busy with the team, I suppose?" Jeff suggested. "It's taken a lot of my time, but I think I've put the athletic association on a paying basis at last." "I see by your report in the 'Verdenian' that you made good."

"I am afraid we are in for it!" whispered the young major, as he saw the rush of the Pornell students, each armed with all the snowballs he could carry. "Shall we run away?" asked Andy. "I guess we can run as fast as they can." "Never!" replied Pepper. "I am going to the Hall and on this road." "So am I!" added Jack. "Then let us rush 'em?" suggested Andy.

I warn you it is stupid; it isn't new; but it has the excuse of being suggested by this very spot." She cast a quick look of subtle meaning at Carroll, and throughout her recital appealed more directly to him, in a manner delicately yet sufficiently marked to partly soothe his troubled spirit.

"The old man is a fool or he wouldn't have suggested such a thing." "Well, he wrote that he was coming here to spend a week and in his characteristic fashion said if I wanted his stock I could bring the currency here and close the transaction. The Congdons are all a lot of cranks, you know.

'As to what will affect her happiness in this world, sir, said the old man very gravely, 'I think you can hardly be a judge. 'Good repute, suggested the clergyman. 'Has she done anything that ought to lessen the fair fame of a woman in the estimation of other women?

The lineaments were not those of any one of my acquaintance, and recalled no countenance I had ever seen. If the appearance suggested a young member of the family, it was not because of resemblance, but from his being frequently in my mind, and apt to be associated with any alarm due to the tinge of superstition from which none of us are wholly free.