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How we laughed at our forlorn plight as we trudged through the hilly streets, they have no pavements here, looking like emigrants from the Ould Counthry, as we have watched them in New Orleans! At the house we found Tiche laid up.

He desires only "an ould coat, to keep the chill off of him these could nights"; but as soon as he gets into the coat he resumes his human form and bids them good by, and thenceforth they may wash their own dishes and scour their own tins, for all him.

I'll teach you manners, you baste!" "Give me the boy!" gasped the padrone. "You can't have him, thin!" said Pat "You want to bate him, you murderin' ould villain!" "I'll have you arrested," said the padrone, furiously, writhing vainly to get himself free. He was almost beside himself that Phil should be the witness of his humiliation. "Will you, thin?" demanded Pat.

She was loath to let me be going in and out of that room even in the day time, let alone for any Christian to spend the night in it; for sure she says it was his own bedroom." "Whose own bedroom?" we asked, in a breath. "Why, his the ould Judge's Judge Horrock's, to be sure, God rest his sowl"; and she looked fearfully round. "Amen!" I muttered. "But did he die there?" "Die there!

An', as if that was not delay enough, who should come in to stop for the night but Father O'Flaherty, of Cahirmore, that was buyin' a horse at the fair! An' av course, there was a bed to be med down for his raverence, an' some other attintions; an' a long discoorse himself an' ould Mrs.

"You know I'm not particular about my eating, though Hossein will always prepare a dinner fit for an alderman." "We are going to fight them tomorrow, yer honor, I hope," Tim said. "It's sick to death I am of wading about here in the wet, like a duck. It's as bare as the bogs of ould Ireland, without the blessings of the pigs and potatoes, to say nothing of the colleens."

Indeed, before he had recovered his faculties to the point of offering determined resistance, he was pinned back against the wall by his shoulders, and the Rough Red's face was within two feet of his own. "And how are ye, ye ould darlint?" shouted the latter, with a roll of oaths. "Why, Jimmy Bourke!" cried Orde, and burst into a laugh.

The Gipsy drew back, and gazed on the countenance of the rider, on which the red glare of the pine-brand shone full. "To Knaresbro', Richard, the dare-devil? Ay, and what does the ramping bird want in the ould nest? Welcome back to Yorkshire, Richard, my ben cove!"

I find that she knows nothing at all about the matter of the exchanging the genders of the babbies only that her mother was on oath to Father O'Toole, who ought to be hanged, drawn, and quartered, instead of those poor fellows whom the government called rebels, but who were no more rebels than Father McGrath himself, who'll uphold the Pretender, as they call our true Catholic King, as long as there's life in his body, or a drop of whisky left in ould Ireland to drink his health wid.

What has done it? The young man's done it. You'll be tellin' the ould fella it's the tonic you've guv her. Tonic! How long d'ye think he'll belave it? "But she never sees Mr. Guise, does she, Patsy? Isn't his mother always with him? Hasn't Mazarine forbidden his wife to enter the room?" Kernaghan threw out his hands.

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