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Mickie "No talk that fella. Just tell 'em corrobboree. No talk." It was just a song without words the final phrases being three guttural gasps, diluendo, which Mickie says represent the wail of the "debil-debil" as he retires into the obscurity of spirit-land.

He bent to rake the leaves over with his hand, but sat swiftly upright when Van Horn roared at him: "Stand clear! Keep 'm fella hand belong you long way big bit!" Van Horn turned on Ishikola, and simulated wrath which he did not feel against the ancient and ever-recurrent trick. "What name you come alongside, gun he stop along canoe belong you?" he demanded.

Weight told, and it speedily shook itself free; but I am waiting for the day when, in mid-air, the osprey and the white-bellied sea-eagle shall clasp hands. It will be an exciting moment for the sea-eagle. The osprey is a cuter as well as a heavier bird, and, in the phrase of the blacks, "That fella carn let go!"

Tom was half ashamed of this encounter, and while glorying in the scar with which Willie had decorated him, excused his own conduct in these terms: "Willie fight alonga razor. He bin make mark alonga my ear. My word! Me savage then. B'mbi sit down alonga Willie. Willie close up finish. Me bin forget about that fella altogether. When Willie wake up he walk about all asame old man l-o-n-g time!"

Sam, a boy living in the Russell River scrub, spoke thus to his master: "One fella boy, Dick, he come up fight along me four days." "How you know, Sam?" asked the boss. "Dick, he bin make 'em this one letter," replied Sam, picking up a palm leaf from which all the leaflets save seven, had been torn. Three of the seven had been turned down at the terminal point, and Sam continued his explanation.

He was under the belief that a live "debil-debil" would be worth more as a curio than "two fella white cockatoo." He imagined that if a "young fella debil-debil" could be caught caught in the harmless stage of existence I would give him a superabundance of tobacco as a reward, and that I would keep it chained up "all asame dog" and give it nothing but water.

Especially severe fighting occurred once more in the region of the Gonby bridgehead during March 27, 28 and 29, 1916. On the last of these days the Italians lost some 350 prisoners. Without cessation the guns thundered on both sides on these three days on the Doberdo Plateau, along the Fella and Ploecken sectors, in the Dolomites and to the east of Selz.

One was Olga's "fella"; the other was the Swedish taxicab driver. From people who knew Olga around the pickle factories it was easy to learn that Olga's friend was a hard working and estimable young man named Willie Sangreen. Just at this time Willie was away from home. They could tell Mr. Day nothing about Willie's absence either at his boarding-house, or where he was employed.

It talked in austere tones, while their own sleepy lagoons were silent and tame. Wonderingly, they retreated to the jungle for the night, there to take counsel of the long-shoremen. "That b-i-g fella salt water, him talk all asame?" "Yowi! Him sing out plenty. Mak'm b-i-g fella row!" "That fella him walk about lika that?" "Yowi! Him walk about. Quiet little bit.

Arizona made a law that no stock was to be shipped into any of her territory without bein' inspected. That helped some. But inspectors is human, and some sick sheep got by. "Then one day a fella that had some brains got up in the State House and spoke for the shuttin' out of all stock until the disease was stomped out. You see, that disease didn't start in this here country.

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