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The difference between the two phrases is significant, since in the former the certainty of fulfilment is deduced from the fact of 'the things' being written that is, they must be accomplished because they have been foretold in Scripture, whereas in the latter Christ rests the certainty of fulfilment on His own word.

They merely pronounced him a bore with a swelled head. You see, I can talk political talk with all the phrases, Mr. Thornton." "But he was right, wasn't he fundamentally right?" "He meant to be right that's the term to use. But he forgot that he must use human instruments in order to accomplish anything. And he just failed miserably."

"Peculiar times!" one merchant said. "If you and I should cause a crowd to gather while we prated about refusal to do homage to the gods of whom mind you, the emperor is one, and not the least " "But let us listen," said the other. The man's voice was resonant. He used no tricks of oratory such as Romans over-valued, and was not too careful in the choice of phrases.

Upon this imagination he put several other questions to me, and still received rational answers, no otherwise defective than by a foreign accent, and an imperfect knowledge in the language, with some rustic phrases, which I had learned at the farmer's house, and did not suit the polite style of a court.

That battle won, he found himself a cab, and rattled over the stones of Thun to the hotel door. He prepared no phrases in which to clothe his news; facts are facts and are to be stated as facts. What he murmured to himself as he jolted over the cobbles was quite another matter. "Ticket, indeed!" he breathed rancorously. "And I tipped him two marks only last Christmas!"

"Fine words! grand phrases!" exclaimed the priest impatiently: "such are the very sentiments to make conjurors and quacks thrive apace. See, there comes the abomination! I cannot even bear to look upon him, much less to have any dealings with him.

Hampden, Pym, Fairfax, Falkland the great names clattered past every now and then, like horsemen, through a maze of words, but with no perceptible order or purpose. The phrases concerning them came to nothing; and though there were apparently many voices speaking, nothing intelligible could be made out.

"The theory, I think, was that handed down from the ancients namely, that women were naturally vainer than men. But they did not like to hear that said: so the polite way of accounting for the obvious fact that they cared so much more for dress than did men was that they were more sensitive to beauty, more unselfishly desirous of pleasing, and other agreeable phrases."

If the majority didn't do something the minority wanted 'em to, then the people were to burn up our cities, and knock us down and jump on our stomachs. That was about the kind of talk, as the papers had it; I don't wonder it scared the old women. The Member was wide awake by this time. I don't seem to remember of them partickler phrases, he said.

All true enough; and I so crude then that I hadn't a suspicion what a flat contradiction of my pretensions and beliefs about myself the very words and phrases were. "You're right in it, Matt," said Sam. "But well you haven't traveled with our crowd, and they're shy of strangers, especially as as energetic a sort of stranger as you are. You're too sudden, Matt too dazzling too "