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I never cared cared anything for him before except to have him comfortable and decent; but if I thought he was going to be like that now I think I would die to save him if I could." "Would you die to save him? So would God; and you can't believe in God at all unless you know that He does what He wants to do. And God does it; dies in him, and is in him now; and He will save him."

The policeman picked himself up and started in hot pursuit, swearing under his breath that if he ever caught that goat he would club its brains out. Of course the policeman could not catch up to the fleet-footed Billy, so he called out "Catch him!" But no one cared to attempt it, especially when Billy lowered his head with the long horns on it and ran at him.

No material inconvenience will result from the want for a short period of a government established by Congress over that part of the territory which lies eastward of the new State of California; and the reasons for my opinion that New Mexico will at no very distant period ask for admission into the Union are founded on unofficial information which, I suppose, is common to all who have cared to make inquiries on that subject.

She had seen her but once before, but she knew at a glance the worn, wrinkled face; and, as if a picture of the scene hung before her, she saw that old, queer form, leaning trustfully on the strong arm, lying nerveless now, being carefully helped through the pushing throng being reverently cared for as if she had been his mother; and she, looking after the two, had wondered if she should ever see them again.

"I never cared much for sentiment myself," said Mrs. Hope. "I wouldn't give a good adventure yarn for all the love-stories ever written." "Mother remains very boyish," said Augusta. "She likes something vivid in the way of crime." "And now," said her mother, "you are laughing at an old done woman, which is very unseemly.

"There's no meaning in it to you, because you care nothing for me. You don't care to understand my life. The one thing that I cared for here was Hannah. You say it's affectation. Why, you said yesterday that I don't love my daughter, that I love this English girl, that it's unnatural. I should like to know what life there is for me that could be natural!"

Their new steamer, the Khedive, remains upon the White Nile an example of their energy and capability. Lastly, I must acknowledge the able assistance that I have received, in common with every person connected with the inland expedition, from my wife, who cared for the sick when we were without a medical man, and whose gentle aid brought comfort to many whose strength might otherwise have failed.

Up at that thought and away, he knew not nor cared not whither.

I of course had frequently seen journals, and even handled them; but, as for reading them, what were they to me? I cared not for news. But here I was now with my claret before me, perusing, perhaps, the best of all the London Journals it was not the and I was astonished: an entirely new field of literature appeared to be opened to my view.

Jem and I had each a little bundle in a handkerchief, but nothing in them that the milkman would have cared for. We managed very well, for we got behind a wall when he went by, and I felt so much cheered up I thought we should get home that day, far as it was.