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The officer of the guard looked wonderingly at the carriages and their occupants. He saluted Major Waldron as the latter stepped briskly down. "You will take charge of Clancy, Mr. Graham," said the major. "His discharge will be recalled: at least it will not take effect to-day. You will be interested in knowing that his voluntary confession fully establishes Mr.

Be so good as not to forget the name. The three pieces of stick were three broken and frayed fragments of a stout lithe cane. Miss Jenny taking them wonderingly, and the gentleman repeating with a grin, 'Mr Alfred Lammle, if you'll be so good. Compliments, on leaving England, the lady and gentleman walked away quite deliberately, and Miss Jenny and her crutch-stick went up stairs.

The nuisance of it is, that the brute will go and put the Boers up to everything as to our strength, supplies, ammunition, and goodness knows what else. But, look here, I'm going on now to see how Sam Wren is." "Sam Wren?" I cried wonderingly. "What's the matter with him?" "Matter? Why, he was the sentry Moriarty knocked down." "Oh, poor fellow!

Then I felt a hand upon my shoulder, I heard a familiar voice calling me by an old name. "Yes, General!" I turned wonderingly. "You are a good lad, Davy. I trust you," he said. "I I was expecting some friends." He lifted a hand that was not too steady to his brow and scanned the road leading to the fort.

"Personal service, such as waiting on tables, was considered menial, and held in such contempt, in my day, that persons of culture and refinement would suffer hardship before condescending to it." "What a strangely artificial idea," exclaimed Mrs. Leete wonderingly. "And yet these services had to be rendered," said Edith. "Of course," I replied.

Without knowing anything of social customs, it seemed to her that his dress was inconsistent with his appearance there. "Good-morning," he said, lifting his hat with a preoccupied air. "Do you live here?" "Yes," she said wonderingly. "Anybody else?" "My husband." "I mean any other people? Are there any other houses?" he said with a slight impatience. "No."

"And here is the fairest lily of them all," he said, in his poetic Italian fashion. "What can it be, mother?" asked the little girl, wonderingly. Mrs. Clayton smiled. "It is from Sartoris', the fine art store where you saw the beautiful pictures last week; that is all I know about it," she replied. The man carefully placed the mysterious object on the table.

I presume he has been called in to meet me? If so, I am sincerely glad, because I shall be pleased to have a second opinion. A bad case of" here followed a long technical name "one of the worst cases I have ever seen." "You can command me, Enid," Bell said. "If I can." "No, no," Enid cried. "What am I saying? Please to go upstairs with Martin." Bell departed, wonderingly.

And now for the first time the little priest appeared to be aware of the presence of strangers, for he slowly lowered the hand which held the book, raised his head, and seemed to be looking wonderingly at his visitors.

Whatever did follow caused the girl to murmur: "This is the lover I love; this is the lover I have been waiting for in my castle of romance. I am glad that I have lost all worldly things; I am glad, glad! When did you first learn that you loved me?" "At the Gare du Nord, in Paris; the first time I saw you." "And you followed me across the ocean?" wonderingly.