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"Pardon me for remarking, my dear Flint," replied Waldron, stretching himself between the silken sheets and reaching for a cigarette, "that the appointment was not of my making. Also that I was up, last night this morning, rather till three-thirty. And in the next place, that scoundrel Hazeltine, trimmed me out of eighty-six thousand in four hours " "Roulette again, you idiot?" demanded Flint.

Waldron smiled grimly, as though in derision of what he seemed to think his partner's chimerical hopes, but made no answer. Together they entered the administration building. Five minutes later, Herzog, their servile experimenter, stood bowing and cringing before them.

Drawing back so that he was concealed by the curtains of the window Waldron looked out at the approaching bevy of young people.

He may tear our beloved from us when least of all it may seem we can spare them. His Providence may appear in the storm and tempest; in anguish, bereavement and death; still he is good, and he will bring good out of evil." Time went on its course like the constant roll of waters, and seasons came and went as usual in the Waldron Settlement.

All this time, however, Miss Travers was making friends throughout the garrison. No one ever presumed to discuss the Hayne affair in her presence, because of her relationship to the Rayners; and yet Mrs. Waldron had told several people how delightfully she and Mr. Hayne had spent an afternoon together. Did not Mrs. Rayner declare that Mrs. Waldron was a woman who told everything she knew, or words to that effect? It is safe to say that the garrison was greatly interested in the story. How strange it was that he should have had a tête-

Her early experience now furnished the fruits that could most refresh her heart; the fruits of courage, hope, and self-assistance. She expected the journey of life would not always be smooth, and she hoped it would not have more to buffet her joy, or jostle, or weary, than the road to the Waldron Settlement. They came to the land of lakes.

An unamiable grunt was the old man's reply. When a few medical questions had been put and answered, Dr. Norman placed himself on the hearthrug, looking down at his patient as he drew on his gloves. "You are much better," he said cheerfully. "Oh, you think so, do you? Well, I don't." "Yes, I think so. I should like to prescribe you change of scene, Mr. Waldron." "Want to be rid of me, I suppose.

Julius left Waldron upon the porch and went into the inn to ascertain, if might be, from the management where the bridal party would be dining. Learning, as he had expected, that a private apartment was devoted to their use, he went to the public dining room and selected a table.

And still the rushing oxygen, with which they two had hoped to dominate the world, poured through the six-inch main, far, far above senseless matter, blindly avenging itself upon the rash and evil men who impiously had sought to cage and master it! Thus perished Flint and Waldron, scourges of the earth.

"I want you otherwheres. Ride to Colonel Taylor at once, and hurry him up the hill. Tell him the enemy have greatly weakened their left. Tell him to push up everything, infantry, and cavalry, and artillery, and to do it in haste." "Colonel, this is saving my life against my will," remonstrated Fitz Hugh. "Go!" ordered Waldron, imperiously. "Time is precious."