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On that Monday he, venturing for the first time in six months, returned to Hanging Rock on the three-thirty train the richer by two hundred and fifty dollars as large a "killing" as he had ever made in any single day, one large enough to elevate him to the rank of prince among the "sure-thing snides."

At a corner table in the window, looking out over the sea, we disposed of what the waiter described as "two double portions" of that agreeable vegetable, together with an excellent steak and a bottle of sound if slightly too sweet burgundy. Then over a couple of cigarettes we discussed our immediate plans. "I think I'd better catch the three-thirty back," said Joyce.

At last they parted at the Quadrangle gates, where Andy McLean was waiting to take Jimmy home with him to dinner, and Molly saw him no more, since he was to catch the three-thirty train back to New York; but she had his address carefully written on a scrap of paper and already the opening paragraph of the newspaper article was beginning to shape itself in her mind.

Here the plaintive plaintiff showed a desire to testify once more, and Teacher appointed three-thirty that afternoon as the hour most suitable for a thorough examination of the case.

"Why, perhaps he didn't steal that at all. He might even have rescued the bag from a real tramp," replied the resourceful Grace. "Hal is going to meet us at three-thirty down at the stone wall," injected Cleo, "and if you girls want to see this letter before he flies off with it you had best come along. Of course he is coming on his bicycle." "Oh, yes, let's hear it," pleaded Grace.

He smiled. "You must be wrong, Roger." "You probably forgot to wind it," said Tom. He glanced casually at his own watch and suddenly exclaimed. "Say, my watch has three-thirty!" "And mine says four twenty-two!" cried Astro. Roger and Tom looked at each other, eyes widening. "You don't think ?" began Tom, hardly daring to breathe. "Yes, I do!" said Roger.

Herr Gottfried was at his desk, Mr. Zanti at the street door, the girl at the door of the inner room, they were all motionless. Beyond the shop the murmur of the gathering crowd was like the confused, blundering hum of bees; a band was playing stridently in Oxford Street. Once Peter said: "It passes about three-thirty, doesn't it? I think I'll just go out and have a look later.

"Captain Prescott, will ten minutes be enough for you before the sounding of the first gun?" "Yes, sir." "I'd rather you gave Gridley plenty of time, sir," urged Bob Hartwell. "If we can't win from Gridley High School fairly, we don't want to win at all." "First gun, then, at three-twenty-eight," called Mr. Tyndall. "Second gun at three-thirty."

He left the bank apparently satisfied, and within thirty minutes he had called up three different members of the Traders' Board of Directors. At three-thirty there was a hastily convened board meeting, with some stormy scenes, and late in the afternoon a national bank examiner was in possession of the books. The bank had not opened for business on Tuesday.

"There's the flyer at three-thirty A. M.," responded the sleepy agent a minute later. "I'll just sit up and wait for it," she said coolly. "He has got the trains confused." "Good heavens! Till three-thirty?" "But my dear Mr. Rollins, you won't be obliged to sit up, you know. You're not expecting any one, are you?" "N-no, of course not." "By the way, why are you staying up?"