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Aunt Abby merely sat nodding her head, in corroboration of Eunice's speeches. "Yes yes that's so!" she murmured, unheeding whether she were heard or not. The Examiner, however, paid little attention to the decrees of the angry woman. He looked at Eunice, curiously, even admiringly, and then went across the room to the telephone. Eunice flew after him and snatched the instrument from his hand.

The 'Atlas, the best newspaper for literary reviews, excepting always the 'Examiner, who does not speak yet, is generous to me, and I have reason to be satisfied with others.

But M. Violette had no cause to fear! Amedee received his degree on the same day with his friend Maurice, and both passed honorably. A little old man with a head like a baboon the scientific examiner tried to make Amedee flounder on the subject of nitrogen, but he passed all the same. One can hope for everything nowadays. But what could Amedee hope for first?

In the south of Ireland the most influential daily newspaper is the Cork Examiner, which was founded in 1841 by John Francis Maguire, who wrote in 1868 The Irish in America. It is doubtful whether any country ever produced a more militant and able political journal than was United Ireland in the stormy years during which it was edited by William O'Brien as the organ of the Land League.

Why we did not seize the cargo of the galleons, has been often asked, and as often such answers have been returned as ought to satisfy any rational examiner.

He also appends his claim for a penalty of such amount as seems to him fitting, and gives in the record to the Examiner. The latter takes it, and if after reading it he considers it proved he hands it over, if a private case, to the local justices who introduce cases for the tribe concerned, while if it is a public case he enters it on the register of the Thesmothetae.

Our teachers must pass an examination though the examiner sometimes does not know as much as the candidate, for misguiding the youthful mind; the lawyer cannot practice without study and a formal admission to the bar; and even the clergyman is not accepted in any responsible charge until he has given evidence of some moral and intellectual fitness.

There was something grim and lugubrious in the smile which accompanied the painfully uttered words. A long silence followed them, which was broken by neither of us. At last I raised my head, and said: "I find you less hopeful than last summer. At that time you were in good spirits, and the tone of the Examiner was buoyant."

Charley was twenty-six, with that faint musk of weakness hanging about him that is often mistaken for the scent of evil. It took no psychological examiner to decide that he had drifted into indulgence and laziness as casually as he had drifted into life, and was to drift out.

In Petticoat Lane two houses together were infected, and several people sick; but the distemper was so well concealed, the examiner, who was my neighbour, got no knowledge of it till notice was sent him that the people were all dead, and that the carts should call there to fetch them away.