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Adeline blushed slightly and sighed; and then, to break the awkwardness of a pause which had stolen over them, as Montreal, unheeding the last remark of Adrian, was tuning the strings of the lute, she said "Of course the Signor di Castello shares the universal enthusiasm for Petrarch?"

As he hurried down the stairs he encountered the landlord, whohis eyes rolling in terrormade an attempt to speak. Unheeding, except to demand his carriage, the Colonel pushed past him, and effected a quick escape toward the back premises, shouting lustily forJoandPlato,” and for his carriage to be got ready immediately.

Ten, fifteen, twenty minutes are alway spent here by those who know of this delectable surprise, yet many come over the road unheeding and are never aware of what they have missed. Eight miles beyond Emigrant Gap, at Cisco, one sees a branch road which leads to the old Meadow Lake Mining District, which in the 'sixties had a population of several thousands.

"Innocent! Proved innocent!" she murmured. "What must he think of me me, his mother!" For some time she sat looking straight before her, taking no notice of the efforts of Abijah to call her attention, and unheeding the glass of wine which she in vain pressed her to drink. "I must go away," she said at last, rising suddenly. "I must go away at once. Has he gone yet?" "Go away, ma'am!

Thence he proceeded, on foot, through the maze of ugly little streets, wherein the spring sunshine only showed up all the more pitilessly their meanness, and filth, and ugliness. Once at the house in which the brother and sister lodged, he went up the rickety stairs unheeding any of the customary sights and sounds, till, arriving at Sergius' door, he started a little to find it wide open.

But the Moslem fanatic, unconscious now of anything but his reminiscences of the past, went on unheeding and unabashed: "It was toward the hour of sunset when a body of our soldiery broke into a temple devoted to the worship of Siva the Destroyer.

A heartbroken father was being torn by a wild passion, and what anger is more terrible than that caused by an injury to an offspring, whether of man or beast? Douglas made no effort to soothe the grief-stricken man. He realised that the storm must beat itself out, and that words of comfort or sympathy would be empty sounds falling on unheeding ears.

Nobody ever tells of anybody when it is only being tiresome and they don't mean it, or there never would be any peace at all. That's honour! Do you see? One may go to Gill sometimes. 'One's a sneak if one does, put in Wilfred; but Mysie, unheeding went on 'And Gill can help without a fuss or going to mamma. 'Mamma always knows, said Val. 'Mamma knows all about everything, said Mysie.

Who faithfully renders, who even thoroughly knows his idea? Here and there to some patient night-watcher the lofty gates are unbarred, "on golden hinges turning." But, for the greater part, the musician who would tell so much speaks to unheeding ears. We comprehend him but infinitesimally. It is the Battle of Prague.

Arethusa was in her element then, and as there was no Miss Eliza to drag her in by the power of her will, to all of Ross's entreaties that they seek shelter with more haste, she turned a deaf and unheeding ear.

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