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To do so might complicate matters with the ladies. As they entered the Via del Popolo, and drew near to the Piazza di Masaniello, his excitement increased, stirred by the sight of the crowds of people, who were all streaming in the same direction past the iron rails of the port, beyond which, above the long and ghostly sheds that skirt the sea, rose the tapering masts of vessels lying at anchor.

He flashed before her eyes, the bright boy with the long black lashes, the dimpled cheeks, the merry eyes, just as he stood and threw the hay over her when they tumbled and laughed together, and she sat down with a sick faintness, and then turned and walked wearily in. Directly above the Piazza di Spagna and opposite to the Via di Condotti, rise the double towers of the Trinita de' Monti.

Thereupon a certain Don Hiios de Lara y Lopez Barra di Pinto, a poor captain, whose pockets were empty in spite of his genealogy, and who had been for some time thinking of seeking his fortune at the Court of France, fancied that by procuring his majesty a soft cataplasm of warm flesh, he would open for himself an honestly fertile door; and indeed, those who know the character of the good king and his court, can decide if he deceived himself.

Monona, making a silly, semi-articulate observation, was enchanted to have Lulu burst into laughter and squeeze her hand. Di contributed her bright presence, and Bobby Larkin appeared from nowhere, running, with a gigantic bag of fruit. "Bullylujah!" he shouted, and Lulu could have shouted with him. She sought for some utterance. She wanted to talk with Ninian.

It is, as it were, the prototype of the Madonna della Cintola, that exquisite and lovely relief which Nanni di Banco carved later for the north gate of the Duomo, only here all the sweetness that Nanni has seen and expressed seems to be lost in a sort of solemnity and strength.

Kitty, fat and fashionable, and Di, slim and elaborately frumpish, came to meet me with pajama legs in their hands. They didn't trouble to take off their thimbles, and I thought they seemed far from being ashamed of the needle pricks on their fingers. A few of the girls I knew already, and some of the older women.

Leaving the church, you cross the bridge opposite its door and turn to the left beside the canal. At the far corner you turn into the fondamenta of the Rio di S. Margherita, which is a beautiful canal with a solitary cypress that few artists who come to Venice can resist.

The case, indeed, is clear enough from his account of it. He says, that finding himself unexpectedly near her one day in company, he trembled so, and underwent such change of countenance, that many of the ladies present began to laugh with her about him "si gabbavano di me." And he adds, in verse,

Bet the chap stole it himself and 's letting the old man suffer for it. Great story, ain't it? Come, come, wake up here. Three more, Jack. What about your father?" "Father? Who's father. Oh, do' bother me. What?" "Here, here, tell us about your father and the money. If he did n't steal it, who did?" "Who did? Tha' 's it, who did? Ol' man di' n' steal it, know he di' n'."

You are the cleverest creature in the world, you know, Di; for you must remember how you altered, that green silk dress for me when Miss Person had made me a square-shouldered fright.