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And when I think what a cruel fraud I am at heart, there's some consolation in serving them, even in small ways. There's the Canal of the Aisne and the Marne, too oh, many wide waters and little streams, to breathe out mist, for Rheims is on the pleasant Île-de-France.

They abandoned their lovely home for the purpose of undertaking the gigantic enterprise of making a canal and lake voyage to the White City. The reader may well judge that sailing on a yacht presents innumerable novelties and advantages not attainable by any other conveyance.

The sea-wind was still warm and gusty, and the waves in the Grand Canal beat against the marble feet of its palaces. At last she found her way through narrow passages, past hidden and historic buildings, to the back of the palace on the Grand Canal in which their rooms were. A door in a small court opened to her ring.

The Democratic party did not criticise the sending of the fleet around the world, the administration's policy in Cuba, the policy concerning the Panama Canal, nor even the policy pursued in the Philippines.

I can only refer him to the congratulatory telegrams which his unit received in the field, and which are doubtless preserved among the records of the regiment. We have now completed our brief review of this campaign. We have seen its small beginnings in the defence of the Suez Canal, when Turkey, leaning upon Germany, a broken reed, vaunted herself in an attempt to conquer Egypt.

I felt my father's world reborn, an ocean world where there was nothing without fighting, and where every nation fought. Ours had already entered the lists, with a loud clamor for ships of our own in which to seize this sudden chance for our share of the trade of the world. The great canal was open at last, and Europe in her turmoil had had not even a moment to look.

He sails all along the canal, gets out of it, takes several turnings, and in a quarter of an hour, we reach Saint George where Balbi lands our prisoners, who are delighted to find themselves at liberty. After this, the boatman is ordered to take us to Saint Genevieve, where we land, after paying for the boat.

A deep, broad canal surrounds the city, passing by the large warehouses and connecting with the bay at each end, is crossed in its course by half a dozen handsome bridges.

I doubt very much whether the Colombia or Panama treaty would have been ratified, or the Panama route selected in preference to the Nicaraguan route for the Isthmian canal, despite the great influence of Senator Hanna, had not Senator Spooner joined in advocating the Panama route.

This lady has since been married, and the name of Cappello is now extinct. The Palazzo Mocenigo, in which Byron lived, is galvanized into ghastly newness by recent repairs, and as it is one of the ugliest palaces on the Grand Canal, it has less claim than ever upon one's interest.