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He actually kept a father, and the father gave him fine presents. Reflecting upon all this, David became a very quiet little boy. There seemed to be nothing interesting for him to do. He had no appetite for supper, and in his face was the look of one who dreams of such mighty things as trouvers, and a hair-cut, and a brand-new knife.

My parents told me about it, when they gave me presents on holidays. My playmates told me, when they drew me back into a corner of the gateway, to let a policeman pass. Vanka, the little white-haired boy, told me all about it, when he ran out of his mother's laundry on purpose to throw mud after me when I happened to pass.

For a moment they felt homesick. They saw the reproachful faces of their parents and brothers and sisters, to say nothing of visions of unclaimed presents. But Rafael gave them no time for regrets. He was the only child at home, and delighted with his new companions. "To-morrow many people will come," he said. "I have ten married sisters and brothers.

He jist sat thar an' listened to 'em, though I don't believe he understood much. When they offered 'im the presents, he shook his head an' pinted to the door, an' said somethin' in the Injun tongue which nearly scart 'em out of their wits." "But surely the Indians are Christian enough not to take any wild revenge," said Constance.

Langediu having intimated his wish to see the Oa ellip, I immediately rowed in my boat to the ship, followed by him in his Oa warro, or war canoe: he was much pleased with the vessel, and all that he saw, and not less so with the little presents he received; but a circumstance occurred that caused the honourable old man some chagrin: one of his attendants having concluded a friendship with the cook, took advantage of it to secrete a knife in his canoe; the cook missed the knife, and his suspicions immediately fell on his friend.

Indeed, the plain presents nothing but gardens, full of green trees, loaded with oranges, lemons, citrons, and bergamots, which make a delightful appearance.

The sight of our presents, but more particularly the quantity of iron, excited so uncontrollably the feelings of the royal party, that the good order previously observed, could now no longer be maintained; we were pressed upon on all sides, and with such an inconceivable clatter and confusion of tongues, that the bellowing of cattle would have been comparatively musical to our ears; however, to do them justice, notwithstanding this horrid din, they did not make the least attempt upon our persons or property.

In addition, quantities of wood are collected from hedges and ditches and under the trees dead boughs that have fallen or been broken off by a gale. The aspect of a grazing district presents a general resemblance to that of a dairy one, with the difference that in the grazing everything seems on a larger scale.

"You will not be believed; and I shall send you back to Bologna without letting you take any of the presents which Madame d'Urfe has given you." "You ought to have given me back the casket when I declared myself with child." Signora Laura told me that this was only too true, though I was not the father. "Who is, then?" I asked. "Count N , whose mistress she was at Prague."

"What book is that?" he asked. "Only a play of Corneille's," answered Rose; "Louis has just made me a present of it." At this avowal Danville's suppressed anger burst beyond all control. "Give it him back!" he cried, in a voice of fury. "You shall take no presents from him; the venom of the household spy soils everything he touches. Give it him back!" She hesitated. "You won't?"