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It was, therefore, after high mass had been performed with the greatest solemnity of which circumstances rendered the ceremony capable, and after the most repeated and fervent prayers had been offered to Heaven by the crowded assembly, that preparations were made for appealing to the direct judgment of Heaven on the mysterious murder of the unfortunate bonnet maker.

They were all seated at a huge oaken table, from which the servants had just removed the apparatus of the morning meal. "Rudolph," said the baron, after lighting his pipe, an operation of great solemnity and deliberation, and taking a few whiffs to make sure that its contents were duly ignited, "Rudolph, do you know why I sent for you to Rosenburg?"

And if I misled one who is so young, so beautiful who, I trust, will find her happiness along the right road, I should regard myself as a Bösewicht." In the last word Klesmer's voice had dropped to a loud whisper. Gwendolen felt a sinking of heart under this unexpected solemnity, and kept a sort of fascinated gaze on Klesmer's face, as he went on.

'I think a word in season will do you no harm, answered his father, austerely, 'but I shall address myself to George first. 'I am all attention, sir, said the captain, rather weary of this solemnity. 'What have I done? 'You have concealed from me the fact of your engagement to Miss Arden. 'Oh! cried George, smiling, 'so Miss Whichello has been speaking!

And I thought I would have a hard and sore time of it with such an outstrapolous people. Mr Given, that was then the minister of Lugton, was a jocose man, and would have his joke even at a solemnity.

Then she turned back into the house, and David followed with unusual solemnity, and laid Vala upon her bed. "She is sleeping," he said, "and there is something to tell you, Nanna." "About my husband?" "Yes." "Say it out at once, then." "Last night he was carried to his own ship." And David's face was grave almost to sternness. "Carried! Have you then hurt him, David?" "No; he is a self-hurter.

I well recall the solemnity of his face as he replied that I was touching upon the deepest things, not to be dealt with in an afternoon ramble. He would only say then that there could be nothing higher than a man with his spirit. Whether Agassiz was as broad-minded as he was high-minded may be argued.

"What about next Wednesday?" "Wednesday? No, I couldn't well do that. Aunt Juley expects us to stop here another week at least." "But you can give that up now." "Er no," said Margaret, after a moment's thought. "Oh, that'll be all right. I'll speak to her." "This visit is a high solemnity. My aunt counts on it year after year.

In the quiet solemnity of church, or under the blue skies, I could detach myself from my surroundings and reach up and out with wistful dimness towards the ineffable holiness and purity of God God who, for me at least, remained persistently so unattainable.

His brother was to be our guide, and he was to receive power to control the elements as deputy-magician during the journey, lest we should be wetted by the storms, and the torrents should be so swollen as to be impassable. With great solemnity Katchiba broke a branch from a tree, upon the leaves of which he spat in several places.