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"Signora, if you wish to see, I will content you," said Nanna, rising at last. She opened the box. It exhaled the peculiar odour of heavy cloth which has been worn and has then been kept closely shut up for years. On the top lay Annetta's carpet apron. Nanna held it up, and there were tears in her eyes, glistening on her dry skin like water in a crevice of brown rock.

"O, Ragnar is not to be played with," replied Nanna; "'if you wish to purchase my sister, said he, 'you had better speak to her yourself, she has not authorized me to sell her." "So you have two lovers!" "Yes, and the sexton, an old widower, is the third. He has considerable wealth, and therefore applied to my father, himself." "Without success?" "Yes, father told him I was too young."

"Certainly; but then it is not so good as I wish to have it." "How do you wish it to be then?" inquired Nanna innocently. "Upon my honor I can hardly say; but if I was placed in better circumstances " Nanna dropped her eyelids over their soft tell-tale orbits; but not so quickly but that Gottlieb detected a ray of hope gleaming from their deep wells.

It was not murder, but it was death. The wasted old woman had outlived by two or three hours the strong, young peasant girl, and fate had laid her hand heavily upon the life of Maria Addolorata. WHEN Dalrymple came home that evening, he found his supper already on the table and half cold. Sora Nanna was busier than her daughter, and less patient of the Scotchman's irregularities.

"What are you doing?" called Moor, wondering at this arrangement. "Widening the narrow entrance into heaven set apart for rich men unless they leave their substance behind, as I am trying to do. The kind creatures cannot refuse it now; so trot away to your mistress, little Nanna, and tell no tales as you go." As the goat went tapping up the steps a stir within announced the dreaded demonstration.

With his changing measures he could sway the feelings of men to what passions he would; he knew how to fill human hearts with joy or sadness, with pity or with hatred, and used to enwrap the soul with the delight or terror of the ear. All these accomplishments of the youth pleased Nanna, the daughter of Gewar, mightily, and she began to seek his embraces.

Then he clasped her hand tightly, for he began to see where Nanna was leading him, as she continued with slow solemnity: "Can you, can the minister, can any human being, give me assurance they will be elect children? If you can, I will be your wife to-morrow.

Hermoder rides on; leaps Hell-gate, Hela's gate; does see Balder, and speak with him: Balder cannot be delivered. Inexorable! Hela will not, for Odin or any God, give him up. The beautiful and gentle has to remain there. His Wife had volunteered to go with him, to die with him. They shall forever remain there. He sends his ring to Odin; Nanna his wife sends her thimble to Frigga, as a remembrance.

Mademoiselle Nanna," replied Gottlieb, "I easily perceive that you are not in the least danger, for you can hear that your friend Gottlieb is to be married and betray not the slightest emotion." "Why should I be moved, Mr. Gottlieb? It will have to occur sometime," said Nanna innocently. "And yet " "What yet!" "You are a good girl." "Ah, but don't you remember the agreement?"

He was easily persuaded that he had slept too long, and must be on the road. The innkeeper and Nanna grumbled a good-night as he went out rather unsteadily, followed by Regina. A moment later the mules' bells jingled, the cart creaked, and Mommo was off. Paoluccio and his wife made their way to the outer stairs and to bed, leaving Regina to put out the lights and lock up the kitchen.

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