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Then Machenga, at a nod from the king, raised his bangwan, and immediately his satellites began to circle hither and thither, with a slow, waltz-like movement, similar to that with which he had begun his own mad dance; and as they moved, gradually widening their circles until they were strung out all along the face of the motionless regiments, they hummed a low, weird, wordless song that was somehow inexpressibly suggestive of vague, nameless horror.

There were brown faces and olive, with great eyes of dramatic expression; coppery virgins with glossy, oily hair divided by a part which their rough combing was ever widening. The men stopped in the doorway to adjust upon their tonsured heads the kerchief worn in womanish fashion under their hats, below which fell long curls over their foreheads.

But in some way this girl's manner hurt her worst of all. She betrayed no sign, however, save a widening of the eyes and a certain fixity of smile as she answered: "I wish you would stay until you are rested, Miss " She paused with out-stretched hand. "Chester. My name is Helen Chester. I'm Judge Stillman's niece," hurried the other, in embarrassment.

Redcliff; she had only sat listening to him and feeling her eyes widening as she tried to follow and understand what he was saying in such a grave, low-toned cautious way as if he himself were almost afraid as he went on. What he said would once have been strange and wonderful, but now it was not, because wonder had gone out of the world.

Edith turned and perceived Arthur for the first time. A slight shock went through her sensitive nature, as if some faint prophecy of great storms came to her in the widening gaze of his dark eyes. "Oh, do you drive the horses?" she asked quickly. "Yes, for the present; I am the plowman," he said, in the wish to let her know he was not a common hand. "I hope to be promoted."

Thus at twelve years of age the twin brothers separated, and from that era their life-paths diverged into a constantly widening angle. The captain discovered too late the error he had committed in cultivating the roving propensities of his son, to the exclusion of steady, nobler pursuits.

Clearly enough, if anything hindered my thought from rising to the force of passionately interested contemplation, or my poor pent-up pond of sensitiveness from widening into a beneficent river of sympathy, it was my own dulness; and though I could not make myself the reverse of shallow all at once, I had at least learned where I had better turn my attention.

I set off with a feeling of joyful expectancy, taking a last glance at the beautiful little lake I meant to return with some native friends to fish it on the morrow ere I struck into the forest once more to pick up the path. Every now and then I caught glimpses of the river, now gradually widening as it was joined by other streamlets on either side.

He watched her with moody eyes as she rose at last with a sigh and went mechanically about her preparations for breakfast. There was a division between them. He felt the gulf widening. "I jes' wanted it fur you-uns, ennyhow," he said, defending his motives. "I 'lowed ez I mought make enough out'n it ter buy a horse." "I hain't got time ter sorrow 'bout'n no gold mine," she said loftily.

And while on the one hand the intellect was able to contribute an ever stronger support to the faith which was the man; on the other, the sphere in him of a patient ignorance, which abstains from all attempts at knowing what man cannot know, and substitutes trust for either knowledge or despair, was perpetually widening.