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It seems to me that you're always having things to bother you on account of me." Miss Eleanor, at first, like Dolly, was inclined to laugh at what Bessie told her of the gypsy and his absurd suggestion that Dolly should stay with his tribe until she was old enough to be married to him. "Why, he must have been joking, Bessie," she said. "You say he talked well; as if he were educated?

Well, I do. I want trouble. I'm just aching and pining for trouble. If you don't want trouble you know how to avoid it. Go 'way and don't bother us " The other policeman was circling the pair. Jimmy interrupted at this point. Jimmy was talking in a soft low drawl. Those who knew Jimmy Hale knew that he was never as dangerous to others as when he spoke that way.

They always call on a fresher the first night in her room. You need not bother yourself about them; they'll just talk for a little while and then go away. What is the matter, Miss Peel? Maggie has told me your name, you see." "What you tell me sounds so very very formal." "But it isn't not really. Shall I come and help you to entertain them?" "I wish " began Priscilla.

"Was the ship built so long ago as that?" "As what? I don't know whether it was long ago or not. It's only a notion, but sometimes it seems just as real as if it was true. Do I bother you with talking about it?" "Not in the least. Did you make up anything else?" "Yes, but it's nonsense." Charlie flushed a little. "Never mind; let's hear about it."

No doubt it was a pleasure to her to watch the fine horses and garlanded youths and men who passed by Paulina's house; but it was not merely to amuse herself that she went to the bowery little opening; no, she hoped, on the contrary, that she might once see her Pollux, his father, his mother, his bother Teuker or some one else they knew pass by her new home.

"O bother the Rep.," said Montagu; "somebody's sure to write it out in school, and old Gordon'll never see." "You forget, Montagu, I never condescend to that." "O ay, I forgot. Well, after all, you're quite right; I only wish I was as good."

I want to put you on your train." "To be reasonably sure that I shan't come back?" "Precisely" but without smiling. With a vague yet inclusive nod Cutty hurried off. "It is because he is such a thorough sportsman. Mr. Hawksley," Kitty explained. "Having accepted certain obligations he cannot abrogate them off hand." "Did I bother you last night? I mean, did my fiddling?" "Mercy, no!

Pickwick said this, he got into the coach which had by this time arrived, followed by the tipstaff. Sam having stationed himself on the box, it rolled away. 'A most extraordinary man that! said Perker, as he stopped to pull on his gloves. 'What a bankrupt he'd make, Sir, observed Mr. Lowten, who was standing near. 'How he would bother the commissioners!

Some reached out their rough hands for a shake, and said, "Shure and it does me eyes good to see you, lad;" others only scowled the deeper; and one looked almost as if shot, forgot his pay, and turned and walked away muttering, "Bother the saint! He's forever in my way!" It was just two weeks from that day that the storm broke at the Yellow Jacket Mine.

WHEN Heinrich Schliemann was a little boy his father told him the story of Troy. He liked that story better than anything else he had ever heard and he made up his mind, that as soon as he was big enough to leave home, he would travel to Greece and "find Troy." That he was the son of a poor country parson in a Mecklenburg village did not bother him.