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His companions were still sleeping. George did not awaken them, preferring to take a solitary swim and rub down before calling them out. At last the captain of the Tramp Club emerged dripping from the water and ran quickly for the tent. A few minutes later he appeared dressed for the day.

I utter no more than these few words as long as I stand there, and tramp upon my hat. A policeman is standing a few steps away, watching me. He is standing in the middle of the street, and he only pays attention to me. As I lift my head, our eyes meet. Maybe he has been standing there for a long time watching me. I pick up my hat, put it on, and go over to him. "Do you know what time it is?"

And here in old Marysville, the county seat of Yuba County and situated on its extreme western boundary, I ended my tramp, having covered a distance of approximately two hundred and fifty miles, exclusive of retracements. The ideal time to visit the Sierra foot-hills would be in the late Spring or early Autumn.

On the wind came cries of rage, and the quick tramp of savage warriors, bounding over rock and glen in fierce pursuit. The Algonquin with the reckless daring of a young brave, sent back a yell of defiance, and soon after the splash of oars was heard, and a dozen war canoes were cutting the billows in their rear.

The road to the field was by the Tramp House, which looked so cool and quiet, with its thick covering of woodbine and ivy over it, that Jerry turned aside for a moment to look into the room which had so great a fascination for her, and where she spent so much time.

His quondam roadside companion had the advantage of him in height, reach, and length of weapon, and he had related sufficient of his exploits during their Yuletide tramp to prove himself an apt swordsman. The ex-monk had been trained in a school that set guile above force.

The windows of the house were open, the curtains flapping in the gentle breeze, but the doors at either end were tightly closed. Having failed to attract any attention from the "Red Rover" the Tramp Boys returned to camp, tied up the motor boat and sat down to watch and wait. Nine o'clock came, then ten, but still no sign of life on board. Captain George grew a little uneasy.

It was near the coast and I took a turn with the fishermen next. There was less of the rope's-end among my new masters; but plenty of exposure to wind and weather, and hard work enough to have killed a boy who was not a seasoned tramp like me. I fought through it till the winter came, and then the fishermen turned me adrift again. I don't blame them; food was scarce, and mouths were many.

"I want to talk to you two," he said, motioning to Carl and Ham. "We haven't any money for you," answered Ham. "You can't get a drink out of me," added Carl Dudder. "And by the way," he added suddenly. "You're the tramp my father fired out of our barn one night last week." "That's true," answered Kiddy Leech, calmly. "But he won't do it again."

"There wasn't a soul in the kitchen, so I rummaged around till I found this old basket, and filled it with a little of everything in sight. It is a long way to the creek. We'll be ready to eat nails by the time we tramp over there in this snappy weather." "It is snappy," agreed Lloyd. "Betty, yoah cheeks are as red as fiah." The rosy face under the brown tam-o'-shanter smiled back at her.

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