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You see for yourself what a nuisance it is to try to get you boys in, Jasper." "Oh, I'll get Pick over here in a jiffy," declared Jasper, plunging out of the library; "you won't have to wait long for us, Alexia." It wasn't more than ten minutes by the clock, when in rushed the two boys and swarmed around the big table.

But why didn't the archdeacon come?" "It was quite impossible; it was indeed," said Mrs. Grantly. "The archdeacon never has a moment in London that he can call his own." "You don't stay up very long, I believe." "A good deal longer than we either of us like, I can assure you. London life is a perfect nuisance to me." "But people in a certain position must go through with it, you know," said Mrs.

The general outcry rousing the Government to the necessity of further exertion, Captain Porter offered his services to extirpate the nuisance; with the understanding that he was to have and fit out the kind of force he thought necessary for the service.

These structures are excellent contrivances to enable the trees to secure themselves by in climbing, but they are a great nuisance to the traveller, for they sometimes hang over the pathway and catch the hat or clothes, dragging off the one or tearing the other as he passes.

"Grandpapa can't come till his agent is gone. Don't you hear them talking in the library?" "Well I wish Mr. Frazer would take himself off; he's a nuisance," declared the boy. "He's been here a whole hour." "Here comes Grandpapa!" announced Polly gleefully, from a station nearer the library. "Hush, now, Mr. Frazer's going!"

When Columbus arrived on his second voyage he brought with him twelve friars, some of whom were as holy men as their leader, the vindictive Father Boil, was a nuisance. Others were not long in arriving and soon the country had as many priests in proportion as Spain herself.

Such a church is good for the business world, makes trade lively and increases the demand for fineries of all sorts, for a luxurious religion demands furs and coats, and gaiters to match. Christ says he gets along with a church, cold or hot. But an unmitigated nuisance to God and man is a half-and-half church, with piety tepid.

Assuming Simpkins to be the kind of man you describe, it is a public duty, the duty of every good citizen, to put him out of the world altogether. He's nothing but a nuisance here, and he can't be really happy. I imagine that even for his own sake he'd be a great deal better dead. He may not see that himself, but it's very likely to be true.

I shall sacrifice nobody and nothing, and that's just my situation, that I want and that I shall try for everything. That," she wound up, "is how I see myself, and how I see you quite as much, acting for them." "For 'them'?" and the young man strongly, extravagantly marked his coldness. "Thank you!" "Don't you care for them?" "Why should I? What are they to me but a serious nuisance?"

Stephen looked out to see what was the matter. One of the officials was exclaiming to another, 'That carriage should have been attached again. Can't you see it is for the main line? Quick! What fools there are in the world! 'What a confounded nuisance these stoppages are! exclaimed Knight impatiently, looking out from his compartment. 'What is it?