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I jes' tol' 'em dey ain't comin' in ovah dis heah body." The deputy had his foot on the threshold. He caught sight of the face of Miss Carvel within, and stopped abruptly. "I have a warrant here from the Provost Marshal, ma'am, to seize personal property to satisfy a claim against Colonel Carvel." Virginia took the order, read it, and handed it back.

Fer dey wuz n' no yuther merlatter man like my man Sam, an' I could n' be mistook. I 's toted his picture roun' wid me twenty-five years." "May I see it?" asked Mr. Ryder. "It might help me to remember whether I have seen the original." As she drew a small parcel from her bosom he saw that it was fastened to a string that went around her neck.

I guess not! dey flies away quickern odder feller falls." And, Professor, trifling as the story seems, it illustrates the arithmetic you must use in estimating the actual losses resulting from our great battles.

One scantily-clad woman, holding a ragged infant, and with two frightened, ragged children clinging to her skirts, stood literally quaking. Her black face had turned gray with terror, and she came to me and asked: "Oh! Missus! does ye tink dey will get in?" Suddenly my eyes were opened, like those of the prophet's servant when he saw the horses and chariots of fire, and I replied: "No! never!

"Do dey, g'amma? do dey button up in de back?" "I don't know how they are made, dearie," her grandma answered. "I never was there to see them." "Elsie's never dere." "No, people don't go there till they die." "Elsie's never dere 'cept when Elsie's gettin' made. Wasn't Elsie dere den? didn't Dod make Elsie up in heaven?"

Pick me out, says Enoch, four that have the loudest voices; hard matter dat, says Lavender, hard matter dat, Massa, dey all talk loud, dey all lub talk more better nor work de idle villians; better gib 'em all a little tickle, jist to teach em larf on tother side of de mouth; dat side bran new, they never use it yet.

Dan went forward to the crest a of slight rise of the ground whence he could look down upon the field of battle, and made haste to return. "Can't see berry well, sah; too much smoke. But dey in de same place still." "Look round, Dan, and see if there are any fresh troops coming up." "Yes, sah; lot of men coming ober de hill behind." "That's all right, Dan.

When dey come to port dey say to me, "You not Englishman, you hab choice, you go to prison, or you be French soldier." Natural, I not want go prison, so I conclude be French soldier. I daresay dey gib you choice too. Well, massa, a wink as good as a nod to blind hoss. So dey take me to tent, put me under guard, and next day a French officer come dat speak English.

Now dey air po as Job's turkey, dey wants us Dutchmans an po bocras to dhrive oud our meat an' bread so dey kin demselfs git fat at de public crib. But I tells you dis: Schults will haft nodding to do mit dem. I stays in mine house, mine house is mine castle, and ef dey wants me let dem cum to mine house, by dams I fills dem full uv lead; yo kin put dat in yo pipe and shmoke id."

Dey ain't any name to de place. Dey ain't any place." "There are three children," said Mr. Holiday, "in the stateroom next to this and a gentleman in the other stateroom. You call 'em in about an hour and ask 'em what they'll take for breakfast. Bring me some coffee, and ask the conductor how late we're going to be." With his coffee Mr.