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Besides, I always said that my first party dress should be plain white. Girls in novels always wear white to their first balls; and fresh flowers are a great deal prettier, any way, than artificial. Katy says she'll give me some violets to wear." "Oh, will she? That will be lovely!" cried the adoring Elsie. "Violets look just like you, somehow.

"I do, and very pleasantly; but I have no need to think of that to be kind and gentle with her when have you seen me otherwise?" "Never; I can honestly say never!" "Has Elsie complained?" "No, dear, and never had such a thought, I am certain."

These sculptured fragments everywhere in Italy seem to whisper from the dust, of past life and death, of a cycle of human existence forever gone, over whose tomb the life of to-day is built. "Sit down and rest, my dove," said Dame Elsie to her little charge, as they entered their little inclosure.

"We have not seen Mrs. Mellen since you went away; nor Mr. North either. They have finished that ride by strolling off together," said Mrs. Harrington. Elsie started, and the warm color faded from her face. "What! Elizabeth; has she been roaming about? and and " "With Mr. North, Elsie." The tone in which this was conveyed said more than the words.

I had not expected to leave before day after to-morrow, but I have learned this evening that the vessel sails a day sooner than I had supposed, and therefore I shall be obliged to start on my journey to-morrow. "Your friend, ROSE." Elsie dropped the note on the floor and burst into tears. "What de matter, darlin'?" asked Chloe, anxiously. "Oh!

She had been nursing her injured hand, with her eyes once more closed; but her lips and lids quivered simultaneously. Her voice shook as she spoke. "I can't help saying it, Paul, but you are so greatly changed." "Hush, Elsie," he murmured soothingly; "you've had a shock; rest for a while. How could I change?" "I don't know, but you are. You've not been yourself ever since you came here.

In the meantime, I must go to communicate to Miss Melville what you have told me." Elsie was sadly disappointed at the doubtful nature of the evidence which Mrs. Peck had to give.

What do you say to 2,000 pounds." To be asked 2,000 pounds for what Elsie knew to be worth nothing, in a money point of view, appeared to her rather absurd. "That is a very large sum," said she. "A year's income is not too much for such a secret as I've got. Cross Hall must be worth 2,000 pounds a year now, and more than that, and I must have something handsome to cover my risk."

It will be perfectly delightful! Clover, you are an angel, 'the Angel of the Penstamen' I mean to call you," glancing at the great sheaf of purple and white flowers which Clover had brought. "It's a very good name. As for Elsie, she is 'Our Lady of Raspberries; I never saw such beauties as she fetched in week before last."

If you were as naughty as Arthur and Enna, I don't know what I should do with you; whip you every day, I suspect, until I made a better girl of you. Now you may go down to your mates; but remember, you are not to play jack-stones again." It was now lunch-time, and Elsie found the children in the nursery engaged in eating. Flora turned to her as she entered.

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