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Here she was presently joined by a tall, spare, respectable-looking old woman in a black linsey dress, white apron and neck shawl, and high-crowned Scotch cap. "How do you do, dame? You will show Lady Vincent to her apartments and wait her orders."

I heard an ancient dame marvelling at the numbers of sheep collected probably only 1,000 or 1,200 all told and expressing her certainty of the impossibility of rinding mouths enough to consume such a mass of mutton.

The commune of Paris instituted a sacrilegious festival in the ancient cathedral of Notre Dame, where an actress was enthroned as "Goddess of Liberty." There were priests and bishops who abjured the Christian faith, and there were others who adhered to it at the peril of their lives. The prisons, which were packed with all classes, were theaters of strange and thrilling scenes.

"Already I suspect the explanation that you have had of Mrs. Doria's sufferings. It is tolerably clear to me that she knows more than we do, and has some secret of her husband's that is causing her unhappiness." "A theory capable of proof. You'll see a good deal of the dame during the coming week and the time oughtn't to be wasted, if what you think is true." On the steamer stood Virgilio Poggi.

"They are to you, Madame, an oppression, a weariness, a " "M. Jouffroy, I have never spoken to you about these things. I cannot see how you are in a position to judge." "Ah, but I know. Have I not heard cette chère Madame Bertaux describe the life of an English village? And have I not seen ?" "Seen what?" "Cette dame. I have seen her at your apartment this afternoon.

The Blemmyes are coming on, and he sent me to seek you. You must come to the strong tower on the western side of the ravine. Make haste! come at once! Do you hear? He told me to tell you. But the man in your lap it is yes, it is " "It is your master's son Polykarp," Paulus called back to her. "He is hurt unto death; hurry down to the oasis, and tell the senator, tell Dame Dorothea "

Suppose some austere priest say such a man as the Abbé Lacordaire had risen from the pulpit of Notre Dame or the Madeleine, a year before the battle of Sedan, and announced to the fashionable congregation assembled to hear his eloquence, and among them the ministers of Louis Napoleon, that in a short time Paris would be surrounded by conquering armies, and would endure all the horrors of a siege, and that the famine would be so great that the city would surrender and be at the entire mercy of the conquerors, would he have been believed?

As soon as the song was finished, Hans mounted a wooden stool and began to rummage in the cupboard. "Have a care, Hans," said Dame Brinker, who through all her poverty was ever a tidy housewife. "Have a care, the wine is there at your right and the white bread beyond it." "Never fear, Mother," answered Hans, reaching far back on an upper shelf. "I shall do no mischief."

"Say not so, Dame," said Lester; "did I not send you but yesterday bread and money? and when do you ever look up at the Hall without obtaining relief?" "But the bread was as dry as a stick," growled the hag: "and the money, what was it? will it last a week? Oh, yes! Ye think as much of your doits and mites, as if ye stripped yourselves of a comfort to give it to us.

God only knows how I have missed you, darling." "How about the nun you spoke of in your letter, Lionel?" inquired Lady Esmondet, "will she aid you? What a long story you have to tell us." "Yes, and one until lately I had will nigh forgotten, for in spite of Dame Rumour's falseness I have not been the principal actor in it.