"Darlin'," said Chloe, earnestly, "didn't you read to your ole mammy dis very morning dese bressed words: 'If any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous, an' de other: 'If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. Go to de dear, bressed Lord Jesus, darlin', an' ax Him to forgive you, an' I knows He will."

"Don't you go for to worry yourself, darlin'; dere's plenty ob time," said Chloe, beginning her work with all speed, however; "de mistress had ordered de breakfast at nine, dese holiday times, to let de ladies an' gen'lemen take a mornin' nap if dey likes it."

And you too," he proceeded, turning to the other bed; "here is him that among them all I loved the best; my youngest, an' called afther myself may my blessin' an' the blessin' of God and my Saviour rest upon you, my darlin' son; an' if I never see either of you in this unhappy world, grant, oh, merciful Father, that we may meet in the glory of Heaven, when that stain will be taken away from me for that crime that I have repented for so long an' so bittherly?"

Oh, God has made Ugly Things wi' death in their mouths, Miss Darlin', an' He knows what they're for; but my poor Elsie! to have her blood changed in her before It was in July Mistress got her death, but she liv' till three week after my poor Elsie was born." She could speak no more. She had said enough.

I think her mother would 'ave died if we 'ad come back again without her, but, O my little darlin', you look cruel bad. Drugged, sir, that's what she is. Drugged to keep 'er quiet and save food. The blag'ard!" "But what did he take her for?" I asked. "Bless you, sir," replied the corporal, "she was his stock in trade.

You live on angel food long enough and you can fly, too," promised Hippy gravely. "I reckon I would at that," answered the forest woman, pursing her lips, the nearest thing to a smile that the Overland Riders had seen on her stern, rugged face. The girls laughed merrily, and Nora turned a beaming face on her husband. "Hippy, my darlin', you've met your match this time," she said.

Tess laid him gently back on the pillow. A bright light flashed into her soul. The red in her eyes turning almost to black. "Then go, my darlin'! Go, Daddy," she moaned, rising and looking upward. "Take 'im, Mummy, little love-mummy, take 'im back to Heaven with ye." Inspired by that smiling face in the rafters, Tessibel opened her lips and began to sing,

Something in her voice, as well as in the words, made him turn quickly and regard her anxiously. "What about? What is it, darlin'?" "I have something on my mind, and I've got to spit it out before I can rest to-night. I've just about decided to leave you. I don't feel right livin' with you." He looked at her steadily, but a gray pallor began to show on his face.

My darlin 's dead!" she cried aloud, filling the room with her utterance of anguish. Dudley Venner drew her away and silenced her with a voice of authority, while Helen and an assistant plied their restoratives. It was all in vain. The solemn tidings passed from the chamber of death through the family.

A long and mighty pull on the hammock almost landed Sary out in the grass, but she clung like a vise to the hempen ropes. "Enny one kin see we-all w'ar made fur each other, oh darlin' of mah heart! Soul of mah soul!" Jeb coughed violently as he remembered he was two paragraphs ahead in his speech.