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I know thim that's larned an' creditable clargy this day, that went as you're goin' ay, an' that ris an' helped their parents, an' put them above poverty an' distress; an' never fear, wid a blessin', but you'll do the same."

The old man struck a match and held it to his pipe and then as he turned to leave the room Maggard halted him. "I kain't suffer ye ter go away without I tells ye suthin'," he said, "an' I fears me sorely when ye hears hit ye're right like ter withhold yore blessin' atter all." The patriarch wheeled and stood listening, and Dorothy, too, caught her breath anxiously as the young man confessed.

He's allers askin' a blessin' on his shoes, or his rubbers, or his necktie." "Oh, you mean Mr. Wakefield Damon." "Yais, sah, dat's who I done means. Mr. Wakefull Lemon dat's sho' him." At that moment there sounded, within the house, the voices of Mr. Swift, and some one else in conversation. "And so Tom has decided to make a run to the Quaker City in the BUTTERFLY, to-morrow," Mr.

"Well," said Aunt Chloe, "one o' yer principles will have to be to get to bed some time tonight, and not be a keepin' everybody up till mornin'; now, every one of you young uns that don't want to be cracked, had better be scase, mighty sudden." "Niggers! all on yer," said Sam, waving his palm-leaf with benignity, "I give yer my blessin'; go to bed now, and be good boys."

"Money's all talk," said Donovan; "I'll give the girl the two-year ould heifer an' that's worth double what his father has promised Phelim; I'll give her a stone o' flax, a dacent suit o' clo'es, my blessin' an' there's her fortune." "Has she neither bed nor beddin'?" inquired Larry. "Why, don't you say that Phelim's to have his own bed?" observed Donovan. "Sure one bed 'ill be plinty for them."

So he compounded with conscience, and cheated the devil, by callin it a "dam fine business." Now, friend Porter, if this is your poor law, it is a damn poor law, I tell you, and no good can come of such hard-hearted doins. It's no wonder your country don't prosper, for who ever heerd of a blessin on such carryins on as this?

"What!" exclaimed the mother. "It's not marri'd again you are? You're jokin' sure." "Faix, it's no joke," said Andy, sadly, "I'm marri'd sure enough; so give us your blessin', anyhow," cried he, still kneeling. "And who did you dar' for to marry, sir, if I make so bowld to ax, without my lave or license?"

I will indeed be up wid you airly too, wid a blessin'. It is that, indeed a good intintion, sure enough." The parish chapel was about one hundred perches from the shebeen-house in which the "boys" had assembled; the latter were proceeding there in a body when Frank overtook them.

Tell him if he can understand it, or when he does understand it that I lave my blessin' and God's blessin' with him for evermore for evermore: an' with you all; an' with you, too, young woman, for evermore, amen! And now come; I submit myself to the will of my marciful Saviour."

"My brudders and my sisters, yer must fill de lamps wid de gospel an' de edication ob Moses, fur Moses war a larned man, an' edication is de mos estaminable blessin' a pusson kin hab in dis world. "Hole-on to de gospel!