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"You an' me don't git along very well together," she went on placidly. "I never heerd o' no step-mother and children as did, an' I reckon you'll be might glad to git shet o' me." "Pears like I'm going to miss ye a right smart," repeated the old woman weakly. June went out to the stable with the milking pail.

'T was the ole union meetin'-house, down to the corner, ye know, an' they had n't got no reg'lar s'pply, an' ye never knowed what sort ye 'd hear, so 't was kind o' excitin'. "'T was late, 'most 'leven o'clock, an' the sarm'n had begun. There was a strange man a-preachin', some one from over to the hotel. I never heerd his name, I never seed him from that day to this; but I knowed his face.

"Dixon," said she, "they say I must leave Ford Bank." "I was afeared on it, from all I've heerd say i' the town since the master's death." "Then you've heard then you know that papa has left hardly any money my poor dear Dixon, you won't have your legacy, and I never thought of that before!"

GENERAL GOVERNMENT AND STATE GOVERNMENT every now and then square off and sparr, and the first blow given will bring a genuine set-to. SURPLUS REVENUE is another bone of contention; like a shin of beef thrown among a pack of dogs, it will set the whole on 'em by the ears. You have heerd tell of cotton rags dipt in turpentine, hav'nt you, how they produce combustion?

"I heerd she never drove again." "Any childern?" "Buckboards full of 'em." "Men too?" "I have shed conside'ble men in my time." "By kickin'?" "Any way that come along. Fallin' back over the dash is as handy as most." "They must be turr'ble afraid o' you daown taown?" "They've sent me here to get rid o' me. I guess they spend their time talkin' over my campaigns." "I wanter know!" "Yes, sir.

Guess I took you for a leddy I kind o' remember up Orrville way. An' the likeness is jest that o' two beans. I'm beat, ma'am, beat sore. I wouldn't have offered you insult for a farm. I'm sorry. I'd heerd the boss's wife was around, but I didn't figger I " Then he replaced his hat, and made as though to pass on. But he remained where he was. "Y'see, I was ridin' in about last night.

Greaser got here this mornin'." "He tried to rob me in Holston." "'Tain't nothin' new fer Greaser. He's a thief, but I never heerd of him holdin' anybody up. No nerve 'cept to knife a feller in the back." "What'll I do if I meet him here?" "Slam him one! You're a strappin' big lad. Slam him one, an' flash your gun on him. Greaser's a coward. I seen a young feller he'd cheated make him crawl.

Nay, they'd ben driving round the country, selling garden seeds." "Did they know Bessie Stewart, who was staying in the Shaker village, in the house by the bridge?" "Sure, there had ben a stranger woman come there some time ago: they could not tell never heerd her name."

"Did you hear the long man speak after that, Vince?" "Yes, mars'r. I heerd de long man tell Mars Dennis dat if he didn't steer de boat an' shet his mouf, he'd shoot him. I heerd de pistol go off, but Mars Dennis wasn't killed, fur I saw him steerin' afterwards." "Thank God!" spoke the sailor, kissing the child. "Ellenory's boy was innocent, by smoke!

Sylvester did not justify the introduction of a stranger to his hospitality; that he was unlike most of the people here, in short, that he was a queer man, etc., etc. To my surprise my companion answered quietly: "Oh, that's all right. I've heerd of him. Ef you don't feel like checking me through, or if you'd rather put 'C. O. D. on my back, why it's all the same to me. I'll play it alone.