"Oh, God be praised! God be praised!" ejaculated Jeanie; "and may the gude leddy never want the heart's ease she has gien me at this moment! And God bless you too, my Lord! without your help I wad ne'er hae won near her." The Duke let her dwell upon this subject for a considerable time, curious, perhaps, to see how long the feelings of gratitude would continue to supersede those of curiosity.

Sae time gaed on, till frae a bonny lassie she had grown a gran' leddy, an' cud win up the hill nae forder, but bude to gang doon o' the ither side; an' her father was jist near han' daft wi' anxiety to see her wad. But no! never ane wad she hearken till.

Even Bodyfauld seemed to have lost its enchantment, though his friends were as kind as ever. Mr. Lammie went into a rage at the story of the lost violin, and Miss Lammie cried from sympathy with Robert's distress at the fate of his bonny leddy. Then he came to the occasion of his visit, which was to beg Mr.

"Sure, an' 'twas a leddy, sor, be the v'ice av her, askin' were ye in, and mesilf havin' seen ye go out no longer ago thin wan o'clock and yersilf sayin' not a worrud about comin' back at all at all, pwhat was I to be tellin' her, aven if ye were lyin' there on the dievan all unbeknownest to me, which the same mesilf can not " "Help!" pleaded the young man feebly, smiling.

That casts a heap o' licht on't, my leddy I never saw an organ: what is 't like?" "Something like a pianoforte." "But I never saw ane o' them either. It's ill makin' things a'thegither oot o' yer ain heid." "Well, it's played with the fingers like this," said Florimel. "And the fugue is a kind of piece where one part pursues the other, "

At the sight of the girl the woman bobbed a curtsy. "Come out of it, silly Janet," said she on the horse; "you'll never make a Sweet-Singer, for there's not a notion of a tune in your head." "It's not singing that I seek, my leddy," said the woman, blushing. "I follow the call o' the Lord by the mouth o' His servant, John Gib."

"Now, Pedro, you have Gonzalez's money, haven't you?" Jack went on, in the reasoning fashion that he had adopted to Leddy in the store. "And you aren't going to make yourself or Bob trouble. You are going to give it back!" ", señor!" said Pedro wincing. While he was producing the money and counting it, his furtive glance kept watch of Jack.

"I understand," continued the first speaker emphatically, and with the air of one who is well informed "I understand there is a settlement." "And what does little Jenny Gibson get?" "A hundred, and the auld repeater." "That's but sma' gear, puir thing; she had a sair time o't with the auld leddy. But it's ill waiting for deadfolk's shoon."

But if your honour wad wush me to ony place where I wad hear pure doctrine, and hae a free cow's grass, and a cot, and a yard, and mair than ten punds of annual fee, and where there's nae leddy about the town to count the apples, I'se hold mysell muckle indebted t'ye." "Bravo, Andrew! I perceive you'll lose no preferment for want of asking patronage."

"Not seen since last evening at dusk!" exclaimed Claudia, in consternation. "Na, me leddy, ne'er a bit o' her, puir bodie!" "Go, Mrs. Murdock, and send the maids to look for her in every place about the castle where she is in the habit of going. And send the men outside to examine the premises. She may be taken with a fit somewhere, and die for want of assistance," said Lady Vincent, in alarm.