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He then glanced at his thread-bare sleeve and tattered shoon, with a slight touch of dry and bitter humour playing about the corners of his mouth, and a faint sparkle lighting up his grey and sunken eye, as he returned the impatient official stare of the clerk, who stood, pen in hand, ready to note down the items.

"If it were not for the wine and the good cheer which we have had in yonder old man's house, my lord," said this sapient follower, "and that I ken him by report to be a just living man in many respects, and a real Edinburgh gutterblood, I should have been well pleased to have seen how his feet were shaped, and whether he had not a cloven cloot under the braw roses and cordovan shoon of his."

In a while she drew off shoon and hosen, and stood in the shallow ripple, and bathed her hands and face withal, and stooped up-stream and drank from the hollow of her hands, and so stepped ashore and was waxen hardier; then she strung her bow and looked to the shafts in her quiver, and did on her foot-gear, and mounted once more, and so rode a brisk amble right on into the dale, and was soon come amongst the Greywethers; and she saw that they were a many, and that all the bottom of the dale was besprinkled with them on either side of the stream, and some stood in the very stream itself, the ground whereof was black even as the rest of the valley, although the water ran over it as clear as glass.

"That was patriotically said," observed Lord Menteith. "Fary true," said Donald; "but her honour had better hae hauden her tongue: for if ye say ony thing amang the Saxons that's a wee by ordinar, they clink ye down for a wager as fast as a Lowland smith would hammer shoon on a Highland shelty.

She comes with shades of days long fled Knee-breeched; long silk-stockingèd; Well-braided queues; bright-buckled shoon That flash with diamonds; gold galloon On rebel uniforms of blue A color that this land found true; Three-cornered hats, and plumes that flew Through conflicts where men dare and do. A patriot throng, a gallant host, Our Dame Centennial's train can boast.

Apparently all is waste breath and of no avail, for in an hour see him bound to a tree, a sturdy figure of a man, bearded and moustached, with a high forehead, clad in shirt and jerkin and breeches and hosen and shoon, all by this time, we may be sure, profoundly in need of repair. The tree and Smith are ringed by Indians, each of whom has an arrow fitted to his bow.

I tell thee, lad, thou art too old to enter upon that which it may take thee years to catch the hang of." Classes of traveling mendicants that infested England as late as the middle of the seventeenth century. VIDE Dakkar's ENGLISH VILLAINIES, etc. "Mayhap that may be so," quoth Robin, "for I bring to mind that Gaffer Swanthold sayeth Jack Shoemaker maketh ill bread; Tom Baker maketh ill shoon.

Other 'bonnie boys, as the ballad has it, trotted along by the side of the horses to which they were attached in the like fashion, though they had hose and shoon slung over their shoulders, to be donned on entering the good town of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

I see these gallants about our later courts Lord help them, sons of mine own, too, some of them year in and year out, crossing their legs and staring at the gilded points of their shoon. All are grown so tame none now to ride a-questing in the Baltic forest for border brigands indeed, there be no brigands to quest for. But I forget.

Your father was a kind man to friends and followers; muckle grace to you, Sir John, to fill his shoon his boots, I suld say, for he seldom wore shoon, unless it were muils when he had the gout.